Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

Your Crash Course on Vaping and E-Liquid

In this ongoing digital age, even smoking has turned electronic. You may think this is absurd, but it is true. In fact, electronic smoking is gradually picking up in the United Kingdom. A major reason behind popularity of electronic cigarettes is they cause less harm to your health and body as compared to their tobacco counterparts.

Electronic cigarettes and vaping

Smoking electronic cigarettes is popularly known as vaping. If you go by definition, it is the act of inhaling vapour, which looks like smoke, from a vape device or electronic cigarette. Considering the high prospect of vaping, the UK manufactures a range of high-quality e-liquid or vape juice.

Vape juice, also known as e lquid or e juice, usually contains nicotine to enable you simulate smoking though in a less harmful way. Certain varieties of vape have zero nicotine content. Other than nicotine, e juice may or may not contain added flavours. As a user, it is totally your choice as far as the flavour and nicotine content in your vape juice is concerned

Vape device

A vape device, also known as vape, produces the vapour, which you inhale. Different types of vapes, varying in design, power and even vapour-making capacity, are now available in the market.

Vaping mechanism

The vaping mechanism is quite simple. A battery source or a vape mod is responsible in powering up a heating coil, which in turn vaporises the e-juice contained in a small chamber called atomiser. There’s also a tiny mouthpiece through which the user inhales the vapour.

A vape is a complete system. As a beginner, everyone should start with the pre-packaged kits that come with everything you need. Advanced users go for mixing and matching vape parts.

A vape is a complete system. As a beginner, everyone should start with the pre-packaged kits that come with everything you need. Advanced users go for mixing and matching vape parts.

Vape power source

The vape mod is basically a battery device usually made of lithium ion. The vape mod varies in both shapes and sizes and are named accordingly. Therefore, you’ll get box mods, tube mods, vape pens, mod vapes and e-cigarettes in the market. Modern vape mods have a wider range of electronic features and higher capacity power limits. Some are so advanced that you can adjust them in watts. There are also temperature control mods. You don’t need any technical understanding to use these devices in the way you want.

The power level in a vape determines its ease of use.
Low-power vapes include pod vapes, vape pens, e-cigarettes and All In Ones (or AIOs)
You need no experience in handling them successfully
It will either be a disposable e-cig or include a tiny rechargeable battery
Usually, you can’t adjust the power in these devices
Easily portable

As demand for e liquid is rising steadily in the UK, medium power vapes come as box mods, tube mods and AIOs.
You need certain level of experience in handling these devices
It includes a medium size in-built or replaceable battery
Easily portable
Usually comes with adjustable power facility

High power vapes are available as mechanical mods and box mods.
You must possess enough experience to handle this device
It includes more than one replaceable batteries
You should also be aware about its battery safety
Adjustable power option available
Easily portable too

Replaceable vape batteries
Replaceable variety of batteries used in vapes are usually 18650, 20700 and 21700 in size. Technically, these batteries are more powerful than those used in average remote controls. If you’re a newbie into the world of vaping, you should better avoid those devices that come with built-in, non-removable batteries that you can’t charge directly from a USB port.

The vapour in your e-cig
The vapour that you inhale is produced in the vape tank or vape atomiser. This chamber is electrically connected to your vape mod. It comes with a metal coil as the heating element and a wick absorbed saturatedly with e-juice. When you take a hit on your device, the coil heats the liquid from the wick producing smoke-looking vapour.

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