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Yoga is a great way to keep fit, relieve stress, work with your mind, as well as experience the inner world. Unfortunately, in the modern rhythm of life, not everyone can afford to go to a yoga school, although there is a desire to study. In this case, an excellent choice would be to explore at home.

Trainers say that one can practice yoga at home; however, the main thing is to follow some rules.

Let us make it clear from the very beginning that yoga is not a religion or a confession. Yoga is a philosophy of a healthy lifestyle. In Hindu tradition, for example, it is a science about balance and harmony. Hence, in current times more and more doctors officially recommend yoga not as a physical activity only but also an excellent tool at struggle with stressful situations.

When I started to do yoga myself and made it a habit, I noticed changes very soon. Due to practice, which is about an hour and a half each day, my body posture straightened, and my knees no longer knuckle, I slenderized and even became looking younger, as it seems to me (perhaps, my face did not sound concerned anymore). However, the most important thing is that I became calm and happy even though nothing much changed in my life. What is the catch? 

Choose a program

The first thing you need to start preparing for home workouts in yoga is the choice of a program for a beginner. Recently, more and more you can hear that the program should be individual, which will come to you right from the depths of the soul. Naturally, this option is not for newbies.

To find a program, check out the thematic forums, where you can get to know what exercises you need to perform to start, take a few individual pieces of training with the coach or use YouTube, where you can also find various training options for beginners.

Choose a place

For effective workouts, you need a quiet and peaceful place where it will be light, warm and comfortable. Besides, during classes, you should not be distracted by external affairs. Experts advise to equip your corner for yoga as follows: put their candles and incense sticks, turn on relaxing music. It is essential that the atmosphere around you is tuned to exercise and relaxation.

In no case do not perform asanas while watching a series or talk show – this reduces the effect of classes to zero.

Make a schedule

The main danger of practicing at home is not respecting the schedule: either you watch a favorite movie on TV, you want a glass of wine after work, or fatigue leads you straight to bed. Therefore, it is essential to develop for yourself the correct training schedule – and not to deviate from it.

It is best to choose the time (especially at the beginning of your journey in yoga) when you are not tired, and your body is ready for exertion: someone is more active in the morning, someone in the evening. It is up to you to decide. It is important not to skip classes until training becomes a habit.

Keep a diary and chat.

Often, people who start doing something, do not see real changes in themselves after some time and are ready to quit. It is a myth. There are changes after a month of training. They are just not bright. In order not to face this problem, keep a training diary in which you will record completed asanas, as well as your small achievements: what has become more comfortable? Where did the pain go? How did you feel better? Such a tool will help you track your progress.

Also, the coach is advised to those who train at home – be sure to communicate in thematic forums or communities. It will help to improve the quality of training, ease the situation when you want to quit everything, or you have some questions.

Yoga is an excellent form of training that makes the body flexible and healthy and helps to know your inner world. Train regularly and after a couple of months, you will notice considerable changes in your body and your thoughts.

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Melisa Marzett is a freelance writer for more than five years now who is currently working for practices yoga, reads a lot, enjoys sushi and green tea and dreams of writing a book, which would become a bestseller.

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