Congratulations, after clearing the entrance level, you are now part of the most reputed course in commerce stream i.e Chartered Accountancy and the next challenge came across in your CA Journey is IPCC (Intermediate Professional Competence Course).

Do you think CA IPCC is a tough course? May be, because the result usually lies upto 10% which is really a daring task. After clearing CPT, students have the only goal to clear IPCC in first attempt but that is not so easy. Many of the students have to face failure in CA IPCC not because they do not work hard to achieve this, it is because of the wrong guidance and lack of motivation.

Hence, we are sharing you one of the leading CA IPCC institute in India which made this task most easiest like passing in 12th standard and institute which stands out is Vidhya Sagar Career Coaching Institute Limited which is Rajasthan’s first ISO 9001:2000 certified CA Coaching Institute in India.

VSI has the ability to bring out the best in students and it is not limited to just clearing this exam. Instead VSI help students to achieve rank in this exam and this is the reason behind the success of VSI.

It comes with the teachers that defends his pupils against his own personal influence and the students also made the VSI proud by achieving three times AIR – 1 in past six years. None of any other in India has achieved more than one time AIR – 1.

This proves that VSI has such a strong system that any ordinary student can get extraordinary result by following such a system. Plenty of students have achieved All India Rank with the VSI who scored just passing marks in 12th standard and which is like a miracle happened in their life.

We are sharing you some successful results from the VSI in past few attempts –

No of students appeared from VSI

No. of students passed from VSI

ALL India Rank From VSI

IPCC May 2017



AIR- 1,15,25,30

Total = 4

IPCC Nov 2016



AIR – 7,37,37,44,45, 48 Total = 6

IPCC May 2016



AIR- 5,7,17,20,21,30, 32,33,39,49

Total = 10

IPCC May 2015



AIR- 1,2,10,16,23,24,

45 Total = 7

IPCC May 2014



AIR- 18,36,45,50

Total = 4

Two things are must to achieve success in CA which is Hard Study and Proper Guidance. There is no single student who did not work hard to be successful but the thing which lacks among most of the students is proper guidance, also the reason behind their failure.

VSI epitomises of true success, it has consistently given such a brilliant result that none of other institute can even think of that. VSI has not only made the top students at the top position, it has made such an average students at the top position who were not even sure to crack this exam in first attempt. So lets see some of such students who performed better in IPCC as comparison to CPT and higher secondary classes.

Nikhil Kumar

This miraculous students made not only achieved AIR -1 in IPCC May, 2012 but also made a record of ever highest marks in IPCC history i.e. 605 marks out of 700.

You won’t believe this but he has secured only 172 marks in CPT June 2011.

Meenu Jain

She got AIR – 7 in IPCC Nov 2016 with 532 Marks against only 136 marks in CPT Dec 2015.

Garima Ojha

She secured AIR – 18 in IPCC May 2014 with 532 marks but scored only 138 marks in CPT June 2013.

Ashutosh Gupta

He secured AIR 15 in IPCC May 2017 with 528 marks against only 159 marks in CPT June 2016.

Radhika Khandelwal

She secured 24th position in all over India in IPCC May 2012 with 547 marks against 161 marks in CPT June 2011.

Rhythm Agarwal

She got AIR 21 in IPCC May 2016 with 492 marks but scored only 163 marks in CPT June 2015.

Sourabh Gupta

He got AIR – 50 in IPCC May 2014 with 499 marks against 163 marks in CPT June 2013.

Rishu Jain

He secured 45th position in All over India in IPCC May 2015 with 498 marks and scored only 142 marks in CPT June 2014.

Abhishek Khandelwal

He got AIR 49 in IPCC May 2016 with 460 Marks and secured only 157 marks in CPT June 2014.

Amit Dadhich

He got AIR 5 in IPCC May 2016 with 521 marks and secured only 161 marks in CPT June 2015.

Shri Ram Agarwal

Secured AIR 30 in IPCC May 2017 with 510 Marks. Got only 141 marks in CPT June 2016.

Anuj Kumar

He secured AIR 32 in IPCC May 2016 with 477 marks against only 164 marks in CPT June 2015.

Aman Lalwani

Scored 541 marks in IPCC May 2015 with AIR 10 against only 168 marks in CPT in June 2014.

Ajay Goyal

He got AIR 45 in IPCC May 2014 with 504 marks and only 169 marks in CPT June 2014.

You can also be one of such student by joining best coaching institute in India for the CA Exams and that can be none other than Vidhya Sagar Career Institute Limited.

A teacher is a candle which consumes itself to light its students and VSI is such a institute and has such a faculties.

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