Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

When To Call An Emergency Plumber


Everyone experiences plumbing problems. It happens often, and no doubt requires the services of a plumber. But what about emergency problems? What are those plumbing situations that require immediate emergency plumbing service from an emergency plumber?

For some people, any plumbing issue qualifies as an emergency; however, that is not so. Not all plumbing problems are emergency problems, and here, you will find some of the real emergency problems that will make you search for “emergency plumbing companies near me“.

What Makes A Situation An Emergency?

As stated earlier, not all plumbing problems are emergencies, and many do not require emergency plumbing. Emergency plumbing situations are those cases that call for immediate repairs and attention. They cannot be allowed to linger for long, or they can be disastrous to lives and properties around.

At 4Dheating and Plumbing service, we have experienced different cases where we have been called in for emergency heating and plumbing, and we can assure you that every emergency that involves us, is always rectified. Some emergencyplumbing situations that require immediate service include;


These are common issues people experience in their homes. From leaking pipes to dripping faucets, leaks should not be ignored. Sometimes, the leak might not even be noticed; instead it can be discovered when the walls begin to get wet and mouldy. At this point, it is even more dangerous because the source of the leak is not known, as it is inside the walls.

The first thing to do once you notice your pipes are leaking, or your walls are wet and cold, is to call a plumber for an emergency plumbingservice. You can prevent further damage by shutting off the main water valve, but only a plumber will determine and find out the exact location and cause of the leak. It could be a frozen or burst pipes, but ignoring the problem will only put your life and properties at risk, not to mention the hike in water bills.

Burst Pipes

This is another plumbing problem that will make you search for “emergency plumber near me”, provided you do not have any contact of an emergency plumber.
When pipes burst, they should be fixed or replaced immediately by a plumber. This is because, they can flow in water and any other unpleasant substance into your home, and cause severe damage to your properties.

When you have a burst pipe anywhere in your house, whether in the basement or outside the house, you should call us immediately at 4Dheating and Plumbing for immediate help. We will provide you with immediate emergency plumbingservice.

Blocked Drains

Thisis perhaps the most common plumbing problem. It can be easily fixed; however, if you frequently experience blockage in your drains, then you will need a plumber to clear it up completely. When you call us at 4Dheating and Plumbing, we will locate the cause of the frequent blockage, using our updated tools, and then clear them out entirely.

If you do not know how to clear a blocked drain, do not attempt to do so. You might end up causing more damage than you had initially.


The primary culprit in cases like this is a blocked toilet pipe. In worst cases, water from the toilet overflowed and spilt onto the floor. Asides the unpleasant smell it causes, this is unhygienic and calls for immediate emergency plumbing.

Shutting off the water valve will not solve the problem; a plumber needs to be called in to find the cause of the blockage and have it removed. Until this is done, the toilet cannot be used.

If you need the emergency plumbing service from a highly recommended plumber, 4Dheating and Plumbing is constantly available to attend to your emergency problems at any time.