In today’s world, along with the grooming and fashion, health is also important. People have become more health conscious than before. A number of gyms and health hubs are coming into the picture. Muscle building is the new trend among people. But, if you go to the gym regularly and want to know that what type of clothes you should wear while performing your exercise; this article will help you. Let us look at what type of clothes should be worn in the gym?

There are people who go with jeans and t-shirts to the gym! Well, that will lead to more sweat and less flexibility. The clothes you put on for your gym should be flexible and sweat absorbent. Remember that hot girl who is one of the reasons for you to go to the gym? Do you think that if you go with wrong gym wear to the gym, will get impressed? No!


Well, Monday is the national Chest Exercise day for men. Wear a vest and a short along with the shoes. Men focus more on the upper chest, so you need to wear that type of cloth that makes your chest look better!


When it comes to back, never ever forget the Belt. Without the belt, you might end up hurting yourself. For clothing; you can wear a sport full sleeve t-shirt with a track pant. It is advisable to have a lift strap while performing the back exercise. It will absorb the sweat from your palms and will help you to live more.


A knee pad, a t-shirt and a short. For legs, wear a short. A knee pad is must because it will give a lesser jerk to your knees. The leg day is the most hated day. People try and skip this muscle’s exercise as it hurts the most. Doing a lot of squats, presses and extensions cause a big pain in your legs; but it’s the only way it will grow.


For arms, you may wear a sleeveless t-shirt along with a hoody. The lower region may contain a short or a track! The reason being sleeveless is that the muscles are visible and you may find it easier to pump up!

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Well, there are some ‘must have’ for the gym. You should not enter the gym without a supporter. A supporter is the most important thing you should wear during the exercise time. A water bottle and a sweatband. A towel to absorb the sweat from your body. You might add some more adrenalin rush by playing some rock songs/EDM/Trance with the help of your headphones. Shoes should be comfortable and fit.

I hope you liked the tips for the gym wear. Do leave a comment as your valuable feedback.

Until next time, wish you some Happy Gym Hours!

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