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What Is Not Allowed For Pregnant Women

A woman who has planned the birth of a child is obliged to reconsider her lifestyle three months before the onset of pregnancy at least. First, a pregnant woman should start taking 4-8 mg of folic acid daily; this is a battery, which from  evidence-based medicine is an excellent prevention of fetal malformations, in particular, chromosomal 


Moreover, both spouses should take folic acid, and after the woman became pregnant, folic acid should be considered for another 12 weeks.

It is a critical time when congenital disabilities can be developed, and this process should be prevented if possible.


Smoking and alcohol are unacceptable for a pregnant woman. Youjust need to forget about them and even if you swear to yourself that you smoke only one cigarette and rink one shot, know that even small doses are very harmful, especially during the first trimester, and can trigger an abortion. As for alcohol, in the future, with good health, it will be possible to drink 50 g of high-quality dry wine now and then, but this should be in the second half of pregnancy and rarely, only on holidays. You have to forget about noisy parties. Healthy lifestyle and gentle regime are essential now.

Limit “communication” withgadgets

Our daily life is impossible without computers and tablets, especially for those people whose work is connected with devices directly.

However, they all have electromagnetic radiation, which should be limited to pregnant women in the early stages. The fact is that electromagnetic waves also lead to malformations within a fetus. If you have to sit for days in front of a computer screen at work, you will have to choose to wither you stay at work or have no baby. There is no other option.

Be carefulwithmedicines.

If pregnant women have chronic diseases and are forced to take medications regularly, they should, if possible, switch to more good drugs that will not lead to congenital disability within the fetus. Any medication within 12 weeks of pregnancy should be used very carefully. 

It is the period when all the organs are formed.

It is impossible to know for sure what kind of medicine and how it will affect its health, so you need to exclude all the possible medication.

Say no to stress!

Stress is an incredibly dangerous thing for the future mother. They should be avoided in every way. In the extreme case, if a woman is nervous, she can prescribe valerian drugs to normalize the psycho-emotional state.

Herbal medicine, in principle, is not contraindicated, but you should abandon the use of

hypericum, which can lead to abortion. However excessive use of herbs is not allowed, one should know where to draw the line.


Protein foods, vitamins, dairy products, fish, a lot of vegetables and fruits should be in the diet, and meal should be balanced in the number of calories — many women during pregnancy experience different taste preferences.

Someone feels like herring very much; someone wants to eat something sweet.

Do not deny yourself but at the same time do not overeat.

If you continuously eat sweets and sweet fruits, weight gains quickly, and if you lean on herring or pickles, kidney problems begin, swelling appears. 

Besides, when buying products, you need to make sure that they do not have harmful food additives (food grade dyes, stabilizers, preservatives, and so on).

All of them adversely affect the development of the fetus. As for coffee, there is no hard limit. It is allowed to drink up to four cups of coffee a day (but not huge cups!).

Tea consumption also does not have any harmful effects. Everything is useful in reasonable quantities.

Donotbreathe in home care products!

Constant contact with home care products is very great harm, especially in the early stages. It often happens that young and healthy women, who make a living in the home care products trade, identify severe problems for the future baby and often have to terminate a pregnancy. 

It is vehemently rejected to breathe toxic fumes from home care products steadily – it is out of the question. 

Evaporation of all kinds of detergents can act poisonous, corrode the lungs and even destroy

brain cells. Another thing, if you have to clean the toilet or sink at home once a week. The main

thing is to try not to inhale the fumes, and after processingquickly leave the room quickly. Better yet, not the pregnant woman, but members of her family should be engaged in cleaning the toilet.


High heels are not recommended because it increases the load on the pelvic floor, and 

women prone to miscarriage may experience an abortion.

It is better not to wear footwear made of artificial leather. Legs do not breathe in it and get sweaty.  

The clothes should be as little synthetics, rigid rubber inserts and belts as possible. It is necessary to choose natural fabrics and a loose fit so that the body is casual. Last, of all, such outfits can look elegant and tasteful. Do not forget that you need them for a few months only!

About the author:

Melisa Marzett is not a medical expert but working for resume-perk revision service, she knows and completely understands the significance of basic knowledge in this field.