Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Sinusitis

When your nose get stuffy with yellow mucus, severe coughing troubles you in early morning and night then it is not just common cold. You may be suffering from a disease sinusitis.

It is very difficult to identify sinusitis initially. A person mostly get confuse sinusitis as common cold but the situation is much more dangerous in this disease. A person has to suffer through much severe pain and breathing difficulties if has sinusitis.

Sinusitis can be easily understood as inflammation or swelling of lining tissues which we called as sinuses. Due to infection or other problem, sinuses turn red causing trouble in exhaling and inhaling air.

A sinusitis patient suffers enormous pain because the trapped air inside cavity and the pool of mucus causes pressure on sinuses membrane. There could be numerous causes behind sinusitis but the most prominent is common cold. Frequent cold virus turns into a sinus infection. It attacks the lining of sinuses, which respond by swelling; this result in narrowing of the pathways in the nose. Infection rapidly grows due to build up mucus.

The other big reason is allergies. Sinusitis trigger in those people who have certain allergy to pollen, animal dander or dust. They often experiences short of breath while trigger.

Though sinusitis cannot be completely cured but it can be controlled. People accuse it for pain and difficulty in breathing. So here are few ways to help sinusitis patient to lead a normal life.

Prevent mucus formation

Bulk of mucus formation during sinusitis is the main cause of infection. To avoid it, use saline nasal solution to keep the nose moist. One can either buy these solutions from the drugstore or prepare it in home. Drinking plenty of water and hot tea with ginger can help to thin out mucus and drain it from sinuses. One should avoid all the eatables which increase mucus formation like alcohol, sugar-added juices, sugary beverages and smoking.

Inhale steam

Dryer condition can lead to sinus pain. Try to be in moderate environment, not too dry or humid. By taking vapors of hot water with Eucalyptus or Peppermint oil, thick mucus breaks. Traditional methods like putting steaming towel over your head would also reduce pain. Modern day humidifiers can also be a beneficial option.

Avoid irritant exposures

As we all know that allergy is one of the prime reasons of sinusitis so it is better to avoid such environment. Keep a safe distance from irritants. Also, wore a mask while traveling outside to avoid smoke, dust and other germs.

Avoid extreme situation

If you are a sinusitis patient, you have to give upon swimming and diving. Underwater diving causes pressure on the nose which could be painful. Also, pools treated with chlorines can irritate the lining of the sinuses.

A good diet

The most basic way to fight sinuses is to have a good immune system and for that you have to take healthy diet. Add food rich in vitamin C in your diet as it is capable immune booster. Other than vitamin, add food materials rich in protein.

Ayurvedic sinusitis treatment is always considered as more effective treatment compare to others. Also, it’s better to have home remedies initially to control sinusitis rather than taking anti-biotic.