VSI International – Best English Medium School in Jaipur

Looking for a best english medium school in Jaipur? then you are at a correct place.

We have came with a school having ultra modern amenities and featured with excellent education system, wonderful sporting activities and academic skills.

VSI International is the best english medium school and co-educational school affiliated with the RBSE board in Jaipur. The school is awarded as the emerging school of the year by Honorable education minister Shri Vasudev Devnani and Mrs Smita Bansal.

After becoming the No.1 CA, CS institute in India VSI group stretched itself in the school education founded in 1979 headed by Ms Sangeeta Shrivastava and directed by CA R.C. Sharma named as VSI International.

Focusing on the quality of education and creating a solid base structure for their bright and successful future VSI International is offering education from the Monesstari to XIIth Standard.

The school has stand out and doing a great job in building the future. The students are the future of our nation and keeping this thought in mind they are building leaders through their well versed and modern education system endeavours to give global education blending with unlimited fun .

There method of teaching is unique and facilitated by modern amenities or the pictorial forms which makes them distinguish from the crowd. The school is also encouraging its pupils to participate in other co-curricular activities which plays a key role in the modern education system with a believe in fitness not just mentally but also physically like inner house sporting activities, debates, informal discussions etc. Beside the spectacular education system, there students are well performing in plenty of sporting activities like Badminton, Volleyball, Kho-Kho along with many indoor games.

Schools spacious and smart classes equipped with latest equipment including projectors and talking walls required for friendly and smart teaching gives a chance to children to grow and learn new things beyond their books.

VSI International grand and vibrant campus conveniently located in Pratap Nagar, Jaipur also known for its grand infrastructure also dotted with a spacious and eye catching playground alluring with number of swings and appealing to do lots of practice under the supervision of experienced and qualified coaches.

Besides the playground, there is also separate Computer, Science and Maths Labs as well as activity rooms offering extra curricular activities like dance, music, art, craft and quizzes.

Health of the students is always the first priority that’s why a pleasant medical room is attached with the school to attend sick and injured children.

They prepare the students to be fit and active through the martial arts and also make them learn to relax and find the inner peace with the Yoga. Schools friendly and attentive mentors provide a feel of home to the children which makes them fall into love with the school and studies. In the Junior classes, parents are also welcome with the students to create a familiar atmosphere.

In the modern era, education in english is as important as getting education. English is the most common language spoken widely in the world. It is the language of science,computer, internet etc. Every nation and their colleges, universities, corporate world, business centers everywhere English has been adopted. Even in India it has become very difficult to complete the Post graduation or the PHD without english.

There is a separate subject in the Govt exams seeing its importance also in the modern era whether we talk about Govt sectors or Private sectors english is mandatory everywhere. It is the primary language in the MNC’s.

Besides having knowledge of your course, knowledge of English is similarly important. Every parent wants to get admission of their child in a best English Medium School and VSI has proven the best English Medium School in Jaipur. Are you wondering how??

We are sharing you some parameters which will help you in deciding why VSI International is better from other english medium schools.

  1. Faculty – Teachers are the candles that burn himself to light their students. Behind every successful person there is a hard work of many guru’s along with him. You will meet many faculties who do not have well experience and proper qualification but our faculty has remarkable qualification as well as experience which will direct your kid towards success.

  1. Teacher and Student Ratio – This is where most of the schools lack. For a better education every student needs attention which is perhaps impossible to achieve in high batch strength. How could you even imagine that in a batch of 50-60 students with a single teacher, a student can get solve his/her query properly. Therefore, VSI International is providing the batches with standard ratio of teacher and children so that every student can get proper attention.

  1. Study Material – Material from the school is important because the more the interesting material the more it will develop the habit of reading among students and they will love to study. There are many schools who provide the black and white copy pasted material but our renowned faculties have prepared the study material keeping every aspect in mind about a child and various levels.

  1. No Excess burden of Homework – We believe in polishing students internally and not involving them in labour work. We all have seen such schools where a child spends his/her whole day in completing homework. But there is no sense in involving a kid in such labour work. Our way of giving homework is such which involves them in some innovative thinking and do not prove a burden on them.

  1. Other Academic Activities – Every child needs to physically fit along with mentally. VSI International students are performing well in plenty of sports along with their studies like Volleyball, Badminton, Kho-Kho and oodles of indoor games. They are also trained in Martial Arts to become independent and strong.

  1. Friendly Communication – Kids are very sensitive and they need a friendly environment where they can learn and grow. Our staff makes them feel comfortable through which they can interact easily with the teachers and share their thoughts or their problems. Students are also motivated to speak in english so that they can enhance their communication skills and learn faster.

This is just a basic idea about the VSI International. We are offering you far more than this which stands out us as one of the best school in Jaipur.

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