How very pleasurable it is to travel, isn’t it? There is no other joy that equals to the joy of travelling, so thrilling it feels to explore a new place for the first time, or time and again returning to that one favourite place yet seeing it differently just like the first time. Travelling has its own charm something to be felt and definitely cannot be put to words. There are often many reasons associated with travelling like work, family or to just grab some fresh air and take a break from the monotony of life. It is only when we travel across the world we come to realise that how small rather tiny we are compared to the rest of the world. Each travel we take leaves a kind of imprint on us, we learn a lot while visiting a place, seeing how their people live, their culture and so on. It is only when we have taken significant trips we realise that what do we prefer more the mountain or the seas, the historical places or the pastoral lands and serene beauty. It is always advisable to plan your trip in such a way that you get to cover the maximum number of place sin minimal time. One such trip is the Indian Triangle Tour.

What is the Triangle Tour?

Why the use of the word triangle, you must be wondering. Well, this tour is basically exploring the national capital that is Delhi, the historical place Agra and the Pink City that is Jaipur; this tour is rich in cultural and every corner talks about the rich heritage India holds. It is often referred to as the Golden Triangle tour because these three places when looked on the map of India form a triangular pattern. Planning a triangle trip would let the travellers explore the beauty of the one of the most marvellous architectural excellence of the country, diverge into the rich and golden history and pamper your taste buds to the cuisines of the place that are so close geographically yet different in traditions and cultures. Are you ready to experience a cultural roller coaster experiencing the Delhi Urbanism, some exciting romantic tales in Agra and royalty in Jaipur, experiencing all three cultures at a go. It takes around four to five days of stay to explore the places completely. Given that these places experience bitter cold, it is best to visit between August and March to make the most out of one of the best trips that can be taken in India.

What does one get to do in the tour?

Now coming to the places one just cannot miss while touring this part of the country. Firstly, it is the famous and well known India Gate and the memorial named Arc-de-Triomphe where people often visit for some relaxation picnicking with their dear ones. When in Delhi how can one do without visiting the Parliament House, RastrapatiBhawan and secretariat building, we are all keen to pay a visit to the places that runs the country.

Delhi has vast cultural centres hidden at its corners amidst the jungles like the famous Jama Masjid, the mosque known for its rich laden Mughal architecture creating an atmosphere of peace and serenity, the extraordinarily built lotus temple, the historically enriching QutubMinar and of course the Red fort. Are you an ardent listener of gazals, qawali then do not dare to miss the HazratNizamuddinDargah, and if you are lucky enough you might get to experience the Qawali night at the Dargah.

How does it feel to roam around the place without filling up the tummy and heart some sumptuous food at the different roadside stalls that line up with their yummy alootikka, cholebature , kebabs and so on. Don’t forget to try some cold and creamy kulfi. So, next time don’t forget to gorge on the wide variety of mouth- watering food at the food capital of Asia.

Why visit Agra via Delhi?

It is always advisable to go on a road trip from Delhi to Agra via the Yamuna Expressway, a breezy, pollution free and greenery filled journey it would be rejuvenating your senses for exploring the amazing Agra. Once you are in Agra, every corner has a story to tell so get prepared. The TajMahal, which is one of UNESCO’s heritage sites, is a marble monument, which cannot be explained enough thus explore it to experience its beauty. The Agra Fort voices the enormous history and brilliant rule of the Mughal emperors.Have you heard about huge door at the entrance of FatehpurSikri?Its’ fantastic masonry and elaborate stonework fills up your heart and mind with its serenity.End your trip treating yourself to some Agra Pethas anddon’t forget to pack some back home, like carrying a bit of Agra with you.

What to do in the Pink City?

The last stop is our very famous Pink City Jaipur where the eyes get tired of seeing beauty all over. The masterpieces created so skilfully constructed by the rulers of the time. The UNESCO heritage sites are most in Jaipur like the Sheesh Mahal and the light and sound show that makes the glass monument look like a rainbow.Lay your hands on some handmade dolls, clothes, jewellery at Johari Bazaar, there vibrant colours and Rajasthaniwork is to die for. Besides visiting the HawaMahal and the other places while on the Golden Triangle tour, one should never miss visiting the ChokhaDhani, which is basically an attempt of the people of Rajasthani to make the tourists accustomed to the cultures of Rajasthan. A cultural evening filled with folk dance and singing, camel and elephant rides, magic shows, puppetry, pottery and a dining area serving a lip smacking thali of Rajasthani cuisine, all inside a beautifully decorated courtyard. It is, undoubtedly, the best part of the Triangle tour engaging everyone in the royal charisma of Rajasthan.

Wanderlusting is it? Gear up book your tour tickets and get to witness the awesome, heart racing beauty of the triangle tour and have the most memorable week of your life.

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