For those who love to decorate the home or professional home decorators who need to offer variety to the clients, the material which is flexible, cost-effective and easily available is always in demand. Having all these characteristics in Plaster of Paris Material, it holds great importance in the current age. For the creation of temporary partition, false ceiling, models and idols this material is used widely in the society. This material is a gypsum based material which is naturally available in some of the areas. There are chemical processes done other adhesives are mixed with the material and packed it in different quantities by the makers.

The POP manufacturers in Gurgaon supply the material to some of the leading clients and also sell them in their network in the open market. The process of making POP is a little technical, and hence many people are active in this field. Hence one can find the material from some of the reputed brands as well as non-branded with good quality.

The availability: There is almost no town or city left where one cannot find the presence of this material nowadays. As it is available in different quantities, one can easily find the required quantity in his budget and get the work done accordingly. There are also POP dealers in Gurgaon who sell the same in the local and national market.

How to use it:

The best part of this material is, it is easy to use, and one does not need to have any professional training or knowledge for the same. One can get the pack from the market where the material is available in powder form. To make a paste of it, one needs to add little water to it. With the addition of a proper amount of water, one can see the powder converted in semi-solid form.

At this stage, one needs to offer the shape to the material or apply it to the concerned area. Till the material is wet, it can be changed, converted, applied or removed but once it is dried, it gets hard, and no change is possible then. Those who need to color the model or area where this material is used it can be done once the material is dried.

As it is a cost-effective material, all the areas where there is need of a temporary model or partition, people use this material. Because even if after a few days the model or partition is to be destroyed, it does not prove much costly for him. The areas where one needs to use a model, and it has to face direct sun, wind and rain or snowfall, the model made of POP proves to be the right choice. In some cases, people use it to fill the cracks in walls or hide the area with crumpled color or plaster, and it can be effectively done with the help of this beautiful material. In the case of the specialized task, one needs to hire a professional expert else one can use it personally also.