Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

The Engineering Education Crisis that India is Facing

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is putting all his efforts in promoting Make in India mission and it is a hope that young population of the country will reap the demographic dividend of India. But, the quality of engineering education in the engineering institute in Uttar Pradesh is acting as a spoilsport.

It is a wide known fact about the substandard quality of engineering education. IITs are the exception. But not everyone gets the admission in IITs. There are other engineering institutions too but not all of them stand-up on providing quality education. This lack of quality and proper education does not make them suitable to grab the wonderful job opportunities at national and international level.

Closure of engineering institute in Uttar Pradesh

A main problem for the low quality of education is the mushroom-like growth of engineering institutions in every corner of the country. Students from these colleges do not get success in getting desired and good salary jobs.

As a result, there are a larger number of engineering institutions are shutting down. This might help in enhancing the quality of engineering education.

Now, the total seats available for the engineering is little less than 8,000 seats and this results in around 3.1 lakh seats in four years.

As per the latest data of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), around 200 colleges are on the verge of closure because they applied for the same.

In the last three years, the number of engineering seats is declined. Annually 75,000 seats are decreasing every year. In 2016-17, 15, 71,220 was the intake capacity at all India Level. In total, 7, 87,127 seats were filled. So, only around 50% of the seats were filled. In 2015-16, 16, 47,155 seats were available to fill and 8, 60,357 seats were filled.

There is a long chain of engineering institutes soon to be closed and there are 150 colleges that get closed every year just because of the AICTE rules.

It is clearly visible that engineering education is in crisis. This is proved by the employability rate of engineering graduates excluding those who have completed the engineering from the prestigious engineering institute.

Choose the Reputable Engineering Institution

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