Time and again, there has always been a debate about whether boarding school is the right solution for your child, especially during their prime growing age. Boarding schoolsare those which provide accommodation for the students in the premises of the institution, hence making them very independent at a very young age.

Boarding schools have many advantages, especially in terms of discipline, will-power and independence. Some of the best boarding schools in India with cbse syllabus are available all over the country. They offer world class facilities in terms of education, sports and other amenities. If you are a parent who is apprehensive about the decision to pit your child in boarding schools, here are a few reasons why your child will benefit from this kind of system.

  1. Excellent teaching faculty.

Teachers at boarding school are not just there to look at teaching as a profession, but rather as their passion. They are more interactive with the kids, experienced in their subjects, and also inculcate all the necessary values and discipline that is required for the students. There is also a limited set of students; hence, they will pay more personal attention to each and every one of them. As the teachers are present in the campus throughout the day, it is easy to get in touch with them as well.

  1. Extracurricular activities.

Many of these boarding schools have excellent state of the art facilities in terms of activities other than just academics as they emphasise on holistic learning. They provide amenities and infrastructure that includes swimming, horse riding, physical fitness, team building activities, which is important for overall development.

  1. Disciplined life.

Since the children are brought up away from home, they learn at a very young age to manage their expenses, learn values that imbibe self- growth, lesser distractions and more street smartness than when you are at home. You automatically adjust to the rules and regulations of the institution and grow up with the efficiency of taking up any kind of responsibilities in a very mature manner.

  1. Diverse crowd.

Since you live at a boarding school consisting of many other students, it will help you build different kinds of relationship with a diverse group. There might be kids from various cultural backgrounds, ethnicity, caste and even religion. Understanding each other helps you to learn a lot about each other’s background and growing up together makes you more sensitive and understanding of the differences.

  1. Personality building.

Every Boarding school has a motto of producing excellent students who are known to showcase the best of their talents and use it to their maximum potential. In a boarding school, students are trained to be honest, polite, determined and moral. The cbse boarding schools in India also offer excellent syllabus that adds on to their demeanour and success that they are sure to face, once they graduate.

  1. Independence.

Finally, the children will be self-sufficient and independent by learning to do the entire household as well as school work by themselves, from a very young age. They learn how to use time efficiently as well as become very productive in the later stages of their lives.

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