Technical Aspects Of Buying Car Tyre

We want our vehicles to keep rolling efficiently on the roads. Though regular care and maintenance of engine play an important role to conserve good performance, a vehicle will fail to provide the smooth drive with worn out, under-inflated or unsuitable pair of tyres.

Tires are responsible for the vehicle performance. As they remain in direct contact with the road, their condition can massively impact the driving experience. Choosing a wrong pair of round pair will increase not only the wear and tear but also risk life of drivers and passengers. Buying tires might look simple; in fact, it’s not that easy. As they all are black, round and made of rubber, users might find it hard to pick up the right kind.

Whether you are seeking for performance car tyre deals or you are looking for all-season pieces; you will have to consider several things to pick the most suitable pair of tyres. Below I am listing down few technical aspects to help everyone planning to buy a new pair of tires.

Learn to find out the right tyre size

Instead of asking the third person, you can quickly do it yourself. Check sidewall of rubber for size information. Once you know the accurate size, you will be able to spot out the best matching pair for your car. In addition to size, review service description for load and speed capability. This information is also given in number and letter on the sidewall just after the size info. To evaluate the actual load and speed, you may also refer manufacturer’s tables. Furthermore, sidewalls also provide other useful information about manufacturer, pattern type and tread wear indicators.

Understand the difference between grip & durability

Tires differ from each other not only regarding physical attributes but also regarding rubber mix and tread pattern. Such difference directly impacts on grip & durability of treads. Though soft pieces are capable of offering better grip, they leave more rubber on the road. Softness reduces the durability Racing tires are the perfect example of obtaining a better grip. Being super soft they keep the vehicles glued to the tracks. In contrast to soft, hard rubber makes them durable even on the bumpy roads.

Braking test can accurately assess the grip; however, durability can’t be measured in numbers. Tread wear rating only gives you a rough estimate of the life of the tire. Lifespan depends on several factors like road conditions, driving habits and duration of drive and environmental conditions.

Find out the relation between rolling resistance & fuel consumption

Tire rolling resistance and fuel economy are closely related. Dealers often recommend choosing tires smaller rolling resistance because they require lesser energy to produce a momentum to rotate and move a vehicle. Though manufacturers often claim to provide better fuel economy with low rolling resistance, they can’t use a consistent method to check and calculate the accurate value. Rolling resistance depends on certain conditions like driving tracks and overall fitness of a vehicle.

Realize the importance of maintaining accurate tire pressure

Accurate pressure is the critical requirement for safe driving. All four tires should be kept inflated with the absolute pressure recommended by the car manufacturer. This information is usually mentioned inside the driver door frame, petrol tank flap of in the glove box. It’s important to note that given pressure recommendations are for cold rubbers not for heated pieces after driving.


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