Talking It Out Vs Writing It Down

Language is a medium of communication. It’s for expressing one’s ideology and ones thinking to one person to another person. Communication can be done through written and also through spoken language. Written language and spoken that’s talking forms are completely different. We can adopt any way or medium to communicate. Everyone has their own way of expressing their feelings and their ideas. Writing and talking are two skills under individual communication. Talking is a skill of oral communication. Writing is a process if writing letters. Both writing and talking skills are used as a medium of communication by every individual. People accept both skills according to their use. Both used to express their message and ideas to one person to another. If you ask which one better we will not get a particular answer because everyone has their own deformities and problems in every field. Some can talk without any hindrance and without any obstacles. But they feel some sort of problems while expressing their ideas in the form of alphabetical and word forms. It’s vice versa in others case. In the case students, it depends upon them. But still, as I said we can’t get a particular answer.

In the writing process, we have to keep so many things in our mind. There should not be any grammatical error, there should not be any spelling mistakes, and punctuation marks should place in correct place. And on the other hand, talking or speaking skill which involves human mouth and voice to form and express your ideas. According to me talking is more comfortable and flexible. It’s the first form of communication and expressing ones feeling and ideas without any obstacles. If we compare writing and talking, Writing involves more knowledge about phonetically and grammatical area. We can’t make mistakes while writing. We have to give time and have to struggle to give a response. This results in a delay in response time. Writing is considered as skills which involve research of knowledge, reading, editing. It has its own process method. Both writing and talking are considered as two branches of communication. Talking is automatic and natural whereas writing requires basic on quality education.

Writing gives us a record and needs medium to express one’s idea. It also requires more information on a particular topic. Students while they attend an exam and sometimes they get stuck on a particular topic and not able to move on, It brings so many negative thoughts in their mind and not able to write further. At the same time if you give them a chance to talk about a particular topic maybe they will for comfortable and flexible. They will feel more confident and their personality will change completely. In academic writing, students are restricted to express their ideas and point of view this will make them uncomfortable and stifling. If you give them topically to speak up at first they will have some sort of fear but later they will feel free and can easily express their ideas by including their own thoughts and their own slang. And it will help to connect with the audience they can use expressions and also include some own experience without going out of the track. They will get quick feedback and responses without any kind of delay which we face in writing process. Written language is more restricted and bound with some sort of rules and regulation which we have to follow compulsorily. As we say talking is an easy process but it also includes some elements which make your speaking skill more effective and standardized. Such as your voice modulation, your way of expressing your ideas, your expressions, your volume of pitch and stress on a particular word, and also your body language. Mainly people look at your speaking pronunciations it’s very important. You have to handle your audience’s questions and comments as it’s unplanned and spontaneous. In writing people mostly use complex and complicated sentences and connected words. But in speaking or talking skills it’s informal and made with lots of connected words and linking words. Mainly what you need in talking or speaking skill are confidence and self-belief. It plays a very important role in your presentation. It’s natural that students have stage fear and they will lose their concentration while looking into the audience face. It’s a natural feeling. Thereby some prefer writing skill in the academic writing process. Academic language or prose is completely different when compared to talking skill. Academic writing has its own prose language which will not be acceptable in talking skill. Both are completely different in their own perspective but used to one purpose that is to communicate.

In talking or speaking process one can understand the demerits of one. They can understand where they are going wrong what needs to be improved how it can be done. One can criticise them self. And take necessary steps to modify and change it. It’s very important to create one’s own identity and without copying others. Writing, in academic process is like a copy of others prose and ideas. There is no space for one’s opinion and others reaction. It’s just like plagiarism. But in speaking, it’s just way to expressing one’s ideas keeping others ideas in mind. In talking you will get instant reaction and comments according to that you can bring changes in your thoughts and present way. Both are used for expressing ideas and thoughts. It has its own complications and obstacles. It’s up to every individual which medium to choose.

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