Like any other visa application, the Australian Citizenship application involves time-consuming paraphernalia. The application may look tedious to you because you do not know how to apply and what are the documents required to be submitted and how long it will take. To make your job easy and quicker, you have to take assistance of an experienced and professional migration consultant. For the Australian citizenship online application, you can consult with Migration Agent in Perth. Before that, you should know certain important facts related to it.

  1. Citizenship Categories

  • A child adopted by an Australian citizen
  • A child born offshore Australia to an Australian citizen
  • A child of an erstwhile Australian citizen
  • For resuming Australian citizenship
  • One who has migrated with a permanent resident of Australia?
  • One who is a citizen of New Zealand and living in Australia?
  • Partner of an Australian citizen
  • Refugee or Humanitarian entrants

You can opt for Australian citizenship online application for any of the above categories.

  1. Non-eligibility of Online Application
  2. a) :You cannot apply online for Australian citizenship conferral, in case you are applying for the following situations.
  • For exemption or concession of fee
  • You are a stateless person
  • You do not possess a valid passport
  • You are in the Defense force of Australia
  • You have not travelled from or into Australia since July 1990.

In such cases, you have to apply on paper application forms 1300t or 1290.

b): You cannot apply online for evidence of Australian citizenship. You have to submit a paper application in Form 119 (427KB PDF) if

  • You need to replace the evidence of Australian citizenship which was destroyed, lost or damaged because of a natural disaster.
  • You have submitted the application within eighteen months from the date of occurrence of the natural disaster.
  1. Application Options
  2. i) Australian citizenship; conferral as general eligibility
  3. ii) Australian citizenship by Descent

iii) Evidence of Australian citizenship

However, you cannot apply for citizenship by Resumption or by adoption or for renouncing your Australian citizenship. You have to submit your application on paper application form for these categories. If you are in confusion as to which category you should apply for, refer to the Citizenship Wizard.

  1. Documents Needed

For Australian citizenship online application you have to scan the original document along with the Identify declaration in Form 1195 and endorsed photograph and attach the same with your online application. Go through the Document Checklist and the Guidelines on Attaching documents for information on how to scan the documents correctly and save them for attaching to your Australian citizenship online application.  In case you are invited to a citizenship appointment, take the original documents.

  1. Citizenship, Conferral-General Eligibility

Start your online application by creating your Immi Account if you are aged between 19 to 59 years, meet the eligibility requirements and have with you, all the documents required.

  1. Citizenship, Conferral- Other Situations

Create your Immi Account if you are aged above 17 and below 60. You should be between 18 and 59 years if you were born overseas, to a parent who had lost Australian citizenship by adopting citizenship of another nation. Moreover, you have hearing and sight impairment or have physical or mental incapability and are born in Papua before 16th of September 1975.

  1. Citizenship by Descent

Create an Immi Account if you meet the eligibility requirements and have with you, all the required documents. Your subsequent siblings will get discount on the application fees.

  1. Continue Your Saved Application

In order to continue your Australian citizenship online application, you have to log into your Immi Account. For getting access to your Immi Account, you need the User Name and Password which you created while you created your Immi Account. In case you have forgotten your user name and password, you can retrieve them  by selecting “Forget Your User name” or “Forgot your Password” in your Immi Account.

  1. Attach Documents to Application

Get access to your Immi Account for attaching your scanned account. For this, click on the “Reference No” You can view a list of documents will be displayed on your computer screen.  If you want to upload, click on the “Attach Document” link which is located next to the document you intend to upload. If you forget your user name or password, you can retrieve in your Immi Account by applying the same process explained above.

  1. Check the Progress

For verifying the progress of your Australian citizenship application, watch the following information, at any time after you submitted it.

  • The date on which the Immigration department received your application
  • The date of receipt of your application fees by the department
  • The date on which the Immigration department sent you a letter about your application
  • A copy of your Australian citizenship online application

You can communicate with the department electronically and the department can convey you sensitive information about your application

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