Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Sarahah App

What Is Sarahah App? How To Use This

If you have ever made selfie at least once on the pages of App Store or Play Market, you most likely noticed in the tab of the most downloaded a program called Sarahah.

Utility popularization speed is impressive! This application appeared in February in Play Market and by the end of the month, in accordance with BBC, the program was installed by 2,5 million of users from Egypt, 1,7 million – from Tunis and 1,2 million – from Saudi Arabia. And after the application appeared in App Store in June, in July the development managed to take the first place (now it enters top 50).

Sarahah is a new application but there are already many points of view considering this innovation. Some even say that this application has a negative impact on psychological health and may lead to suicide. The one who developed this application comes from Saudi Arabia originally. It is an anonymous messenger, which in his opinion is a perfect tool of a feedback. Employers may use it for instance who want to know what bother their workers.

Translated out of Arabic, it means “honesty”. This word contain the main concept its developers put in it.

This application allows people to leave comments upon other people they know or met personally, allow people to see their weak and strong spots, to make search easier for employers using the feedbacks. Anyone can sign up and receive anonymous, honest feedbacks preliminary. For those who are fond of self-perfection, it is an excellent way to find drawbacks for further work upon oneself. Those who do not like to be criticized will unlikely upload this application.

After registration, you may choose those who can leave comments upon you. Those are going to be people whom you know and not some random ones. Therefore, Arabic honesty will let you see what exactly your friends think about you. for those who are curious by nature and want to know more on this or some other theme.

For record. Some have troubles signing up. If you belong to this category of people, try to input English name with a figure when creating an account. It should help. Oftentimes, program malfunction happens showing a sign that something went wrong. In most cases, it happens due to temporary problems on servers or bad Internet connection on your device.