Religion vs. Faith

Religion vs. Faith

Religion is an essential part of our life and those who still think that they are atheists and God does not even exist will find their way to God sooner or later. This is not a propaganda of religion, this is just an experience and observation I share with you. However, the topic of this essay will be completely different. I would like to discuss the difference between religion and faith since I consider these notions to be the opposite due to the several reasons that will be highlighted in this essay. I am Christian and I consider this religion to be the closest to me but I will provide a general overview rather than some specific examples of a certain religion

In general, religion is a very controversial branch of our life since for the sake of God were made more sacrifices than during the First and the Second World War, let alone Crusades inquisition and other horrible things that were made on the behalf of the God. However, at this point, I would like to disagree since that’s where we face the difference between religion and faith. Our religion is, first of all, a division into several groups, these are the differences they want to make us believe etc. The faith is something you keep to yourself and tell nobody i.e. something sacred.

Historically, have been a mean of control for a long time. However, today it lost its position nevertheless it still has certain leverages. The only thing I hear is forgiveness I need to earn despite that fact that I actually didn’t do anything wrong. I think religion is something much greater than most people think. This is a philosophy, the mindset, the lifestyle etc. I don’t think that you need to use a mediator to talk to the God, moreover, Christianity, as well as most of the religions state that God hears you wherever you are. He is almighty and omniscient, and there is nothing you can hide. That’s why this is the only creature you can tell at least anything without hiding a single fact. Thus, the things that try to put into our heads are illogical and that’s why I want you to clearly understand what is religion and what is faith. The religion is another label that shows what group you refer to. It is much easier to control a smaller number of people that the entire society or nation.

I don’t want you to read this essay and start believing in God. This is something you should find yourself and nobody can help you with it. This is a conscious choice you should make with regard to your knowledge and experience. That’s also a significant difference between religion and faith since unlike the second one, the first one tries to dictate their own rules and force people to believe. Unfortunately, it does not work like that.
About the author: The author of this essay is Melisa Marzett and she decided to make an attempt to clarify the issue with the religion and faith since most people confuse these notions considering them to be the same. Currently, she works as a freelance writer at and each of you can contact her if you need writing help.

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