Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Positive Solutions To Tackle Climate Change

climate imbalance

It is not a secret that global warming is one of the main problems that influences the climate change of our planet. It is being caused by the so called greenhouse effect. Speaking about the greenhouse effect, we imagine the greenhouse, gentle sun rays that penetrate through the glass, bright green beds and a high temperature inside, when it’s still winter outside. Most clearly, this process can be compared to what happens in a greenhouse.

Today the greenhouse effect is mostly the ecological term that has become a disaster. In such a way, the nature calls for help, and if nothing is done, humanity will have only 300 years before the inevitable end of the world. It is important to understand that the greenhouse effect on Earth has always been impossible without the normal existence of living organisms and plants. The problem is that harmful human activity has taken such proportions that it can not pass without a trace, causing global, irreversible changes in the environment. Moreover, in order to survive, the world’s population need the same global solidarity to address this serious issue.

The essence of the greenhouse effect, its causes and consequences

Vital functions of humanity, burning millions of tons of fuel, increased energy consumption, increase of the fleet, a significant increase in the amount of waste production and so on, are leading to increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Statistics show that over the past two hundred years carbon dioxide composition in the air has been increased for 25%. Thus, a special gas cap is being formed over the Earth. It delays reverse thermal radiation, returning it back and resulting into the climate imbalance. With the increase in the average temperature at the Earth’s surface, the amount of precipitation also increases. Do not forget that on the glass in a greenhouse there is always the condensate. In the natural environment it is going on in the same way. It is impossible to calculate all the disastrous consequences, but one thing is clear, people started a dangerous game with nature. We should immediately think as for how to prevent an ecological disaster.

The reasons causing the aggravation of the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere include:

– Economic activity that alters the composition of the gas and dust is the lower air layers of the Earth;

– Combustion of carbonaceous fuels, coal, oil and gas;

– Exhaust gases of automobile engines;

– Operation of thermal power plants;

– Agriculture, associated with excessive decay and excess fertilizer, a significant increase of livestock;

– Extraction of natural resources;

– The release of household waste and industrial production;

– Deforestation.

Modern methods of solving problems

The way forward is the same: to find a new type of fuel, or radically change the technology of usage of the existing varieties of fuel resources. Coal and oil emit 60% more carbon dioxide when burned, than any other fuel for the production of 1 energy unit.

What we need to do to get away from the threat of the greenhouse effect:

– To reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, especially coal, oil and natural gas;

– To use special filters and catalysts for the removal of carbon dioxide from the emissions into the atmosphere;

– To increase the energy efficiency of thermal power plants due to the use of eco-friendly hidden reserves;

– Increase the use of alternative energy sources, wind, solar and so on;

– To stop the felling of green space and develop a focused landscaping;

– Stop the general pollution of the planet.

 Now there is an active discussion of such measures of reduction of human exposure as regular removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through the use of high-tech devices, liquefying and injecting it into the water of the oceans, thus coming closer to the natural circulation. The only and the most important way to solve this problem is to gather, the people, the Government and the younger generation, and spend a great, but such a useful work on the purification of Mother Earth. It is time to stop the consumer’s attitude and start to invest time and energy into the future, the bright life of future generations. It is time to give the nature the things we take away from it regularly. There is no doubt that the brilliant and adventurous mankind will cope with this difficult and responsible task.

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