As we enter 2018, It’s time to travel with time,and we have to leave some bad habits in search engine optimization, also to say goodbye to some old search engine optimization tactics, which spoil the search engine optimization, and effect your web page ranking

in digital marketing, mobile marketing,online business over the world , According to new year it’s time to take some dynamic steps and new habit or new technology which ranking your web page in any search engine brewers and take your business into next level.These are some SEO habits that just plain don’t work ,or even worse, can get a website ranking downfall.

A list of some bad effect which mostly affect your website,and we need to leave it as soon as

1. Linking With Anchor Text Links

There was a time when search engine optimizer could improve their work in organize by optimizing their links. Known as anchor texts, this old idea involved visible and clickable links that were the keywords that website owners wanted to rank for.

So, if you wanted to rank your website we haven’t use term Anchor text links, this wasn’t effective, Google cracked down on this practice. One of the many mistakes you can make now is getting punish for optimization anchor links

That is not to say that you still can’t use anchor text. You have just to use safe anchors like variations of the keywords, singular/plural versions of the keyword,naked URLs ,or long phrases.

2. Keyword filling

Keyword filling is another trick that search engine optimizer used to get over on search engines.Those days, however, are long gone, as Google has since cracked down on sites that overload a page with keywords,phrases, or numbers in order to punish its ranking. Because Google believes that keyword filling doesn’t enlarge your visitors website experience, it will penalize your site by lowering its ranking.

Even Google looks less at keywords nowadays, and more at topical matter and keyword modifiers.

Don’t’ try to fool the search engine crawler. You won’t win. Instead of going into keyword overload, focus on creating valuable content where keywords are used suitable word and in context.

3. Purchasing Links

In year 2012,Google came with new update that is Penguin algorithm, which sent a clear message that search engine optimizer need to stop purchasing links. Doing so increase the chance to getting penalized by search engines, which results in a lower ranking. Why so it happen? Because good SEO relies on earning links, not paying for them.

When you don’t earn links, you are not helping your website become an authority or trusted figure.Those paid links may drive in some traffic,but are the really going to help your modification rates or boost your website design, the purchasing links can get expensive.

So you need to waste your time and money on buying links. Earn links by promoting quality, and organic content across multiple channels and reaching out to influencers.Links are a public advertisement and reflect that a website has valuable information Google gives a lot of weight to links as a ranking signal,

As we start the new years, these bad link building techniques should be avoid and the totally focus on should be on a link strategy that is more marketing and user focused

4. Publishing Weak Content

You can no longer produce weak content. Back in the day there were many website that released content in order to achieve a higher ranking on a search like Google, But now a day these trends are totally change due to the Google new update likes Google’s Penguin, you can’t get away with pushing content that doesn’t provide any value.Google now expects sites to deliver quality content relevant level.

Simply put, if a site has no readers and no author, and poor content, who would want to read it anyway?And , for your purposes, why should Google rank it?That doesn’t mean that you have to produce more content. It means that instead of publishing ten articles, you should be focusing on one or two article with well quality, organic and excellent content

You have always remembers that you are proving your clients and search engines that you’re an authority figure.Once you incorporate the best practices and break the bad habits of your SEO efforts, you’ll start seeing results. So go out there and improve your online visibility, build quality links and give your business a boost.

5. Creating a Disallow File

The robots disallow file is simple text file that is meant to stop search engine robots from crawling and indexing your site.It can include as little as two lines of text



If you are created, you place it at the public facing root of your website’s domain. Once a robot comes to your site, it will be informed that it should not be there , and the crawl your site. You can also tell robots not to crawl specific pages or folders on the site if you like.

You have to always aware that even if Google doesn’t crawl your site when you use a Disallow command in Robots.txt, it may still index your web page for its search. Google have don;t take your website on its servers, it can still offer the URL to rank your website on first pages

6. Forgetting to optimize Images

Images are plays effect role in search engine result,One of the often overlooked SEO opportunities has to do with images. As search engine optimization professionals, we need to take every opportunity to show up in search results,including optimizing for image search,when you adding images to your website, don’t forget about the image file name and alt attribute. Instead of an image file-name. If the image is in line with the topic of the page,which it should be, ten it would be natural to have a keyword in the description.

7. Technical issues and errors

If you have a slow website, caching plugins and server caching can help to some extend. But if you want real improvement,, you need to consider moving to some quality hosting you can check your website speed with Google pagespeed insights

8. Not Fixing Harmful technical Problems

The most common technical problems are

Improper redirects

Slow page load time

Mobile errors.

Duplicate content

Unintentional blocked pages

9.Improving SEO as if Nothing Ever Changes

If you are reading this article it shows that you are reading this article likely means you are someone who keeps up with change in SEO, Falling to stay up-to-date on best practices, algorithm changes,and webmaster guidelines is determine to your SEO success.

In 2018 are more difficult, Challenging and hard working years, The future is never set in stone, It’s still important to keep on top of new search engine optimization trends

A good habit that you should take in 2018 is to spend time daily to reading about Search engine optimization update and aware about Google update.

What am I missing here? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it in

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