Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Liver And The Problems Related To It

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A Liver is the largest organ and the largest gland of a human body. An important part of the human digestive system which plays an extremely important role in forming of chemicals that help in digesting food, detoxifying and even protein synthesis. The placement of liver is just under rib cage on to the right side of abdomen.

Liver related problems

In today’s date and time, every individual has some or the other problem that is related to stomach. These may even heighten because of liver disturbances. The different problems may include getting a fatty liver, inflammation in the liver and even an infection. In case the food we eat is not digested well or if we are have some sort of stomach infection, then we should not ignore these and consider taking liver ayurvedic syrup at an early stage since ignoring it may prove to be fatal.

Signs of Liver Problems

It is important to understand here that symptoms of a liver disease is usually different and would depends majorly on the reason of the disease. Under written are some symptoms of the liver diseases. In case symptoms are detected in the body then one should think for an ayurvedic treatment or remedy..

Most of the liver related problems occur because of high intake of oil and spice in food, over consumption of alcohol or even eating food from outside frequently. There may be several symptoms due to which the liver may fail or have a disorder. One of the most common symptoms of the liver diseases are, bad mouth breathe, stomach pain, under eye dark spots, slow or no digestion of the food eaten, skin with white spots, urine darkening. One can only find out of liver failure after certain investigations

Common liver diseases

  • Liver Cirrhosis: considered as the most serious disease to have after liver cancer. As a final stage of treatment of the disease the liver is transplant.
  • Fascioliasis: usually caused by the presence of parasitic worm, known as Liver Fluke.
  • Alcoholic Liver Disease: Drinking too much alcohol can damage the liver and even lead to a liver failure.
  • Liver Cancer: Any form of cancer that erupts in the liver is called liver cancer. A common type is called Hepatocellular carcinoma. It develops very slowly but symptoms can be seen at an early stage.

Do’s and Dont’s

The diet that one should have when detected with a liver disease is based on what type of disease one has. Foods like Coffee, blueberries, Tea, Grapes, Cranberries, Grapes, juice of the Beetroot, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, mustard greens, fatty fish, nuts and Olive Oil. There are also several Liver care tonics that are available in the market, intake of one of the available best ayuryedic syrup for liver at an early stage could delay and even cure the disease.

Food that should be avoided or stopped immediately include – Alcohol, cold drinks, extra added sugar products like juices and cookies, excessive salt, red meat and fried foods.

Proper care of the Liver is truly essential for a healthy and long life and in case one makes the necessary changes in its lifestyle, liver diseases would always be at bay.