When you think of Kerala tour packages, the only food that you can imagine is a platter of dosa with steaming sambhar and coconut chutney, right? Wrong!

Discover new cuisines in Kerala that go beyond the usual sour and tangy South Indian food. With coastal delights and seasonal delicacies to tantalize your taste buds, Keralites are also fond of different types of food.

Kerala Cuisines is not About 3 Cs

Yes! You heard it right!

Strolling on the streets of Cochin, you can find plenty of unusual foods on Kerala tour packages. For instance, Dhe Puttu on Service Road serves Puttu, an unusual combination of rice flour, minced meat, and coconut – a healthy and sumptuous breakfast.

Try Erachi Puttu flavored with minced meat sala, or choose from the whopping 18 variety of puttu. Breakfast is sorted!

Lunch at Kerala with a Twist

If you want to enjoy a wholesome lunch in Kerala and try some unique dishes, The Pepper at Vivanta by Taj is the best place to visit. The non-vegetarian delights are truly amazing, though vegetarian dishes are equally intriguing.

A traditional specialty called Carrot Pachadi was just amazing! This family meal is perfect as it is served with rice. You may also like Avial, a perfect mix of all the best seasonal vegetables in coarsely ground turmeric, coconut, and curd.

When in Kerala, you must try fish. Don’t be confused with the names on the menu; everything is equally tasty, especially the traditional Kerala fish curry called Meen Kodampuli Curry. If you love poultry, try Tellichery Kozhi Curry, which is chicken cooked in home ground whole spices and curry paste.

Rich flavours, aroma of home ground spices, and perfect presentation, indeed, fills your mind and soul.

Enjoy Local Food at Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi is a tropical region that thrives mainly on culture. Taking you back to the pre-independence era, you can witness bustling streets, colourful buildings, and friendly locals in this region. The place is not just known for its souvenir shops, architecture, and spice merchants but also for its food options.

The Oceanos Restaurant is a revered place for authentic cuisine of Kerala. You can enjoy a wide range of seafood, appam, and local red rice. From the tastiest prawns to sumptuous Kerala fish fry, the sea comes alive with its taste and glory.

Fish lovers must try Fish Pollichathu, a Syrian Catholic dish of roasted fish served in banana leaf wrap.

Dessert Delight

Dinner is incomplete with a dessert. In Kerala, the favourite dessert is Payasam made of finely chopped coconut and condensed milk. Try Elanner Payasam served with a hint of saffron and cardamom.

On your next Kerala tour package, don’t forget to try these foods!

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