Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

How to Stop Waiting For Love

Top 3 tips on how to stop waiting for love

One of the most powerful emotional and exhausting types of stress for a person is expectation. It is so painful that it can sometimes lead a person into despair. So the expectation of love becomes that horrible moment that prevents you from living peacefully and achieving your goals. Every day a woman waits for a moment to meet the man who will win her heart. However, the days pass one after another and nothing happens. Every woman dreams and believes that love will enter her life one day. No one can say for sure, when this day comes. To get rid of this difficult expectation, you just need to stop waiting for love.

What to start with
Love … This word is full of wonderful expectations and belief in happiness, hopes to meet the perfect man and spend life together. So many books, songs and poems are dedicated to this wonderful feeling. Love is being tried to understand and explain, people talk about its chemical nature or divine essence, but when it comes into the life of a woman, there is no desire to find out where it comes from. However, when it disappears, even those who have not been able to create a lasting relationship start to be excited.

Love is too mysterious to understand if it has come forever, whether it will be mutual or it is another attempt to become happy. Love gives joy only when it is mutual, which does not happen as often as we would like, because many books are devoted to unhappy love. In addition, sometimes it happens that love can not enter into the life of a woman. The process of expectation becomes a real torture.

Sooner or later, love will come into everyone’s life, but how can one wait for it, if it becomes difficult to wait, and loneliness prevents us from living a full life and working? Therefore, in order to get rid of such a painful condition as waiting, you just need to learn not to wait for love.

The first step on this path should be the realization that it will come itself. Without special efforts and unnecessary emotions, your heart will definitely choose the one you need. Therefore, first of all you need to drop all negative thoughts that love is not for you. If there is not a single suitable man nearby, think of beautiful actors or sportsmen. In order not to torture yourself with in vain expectations, choose one of them for yourself as a model of the man next to whom you would like to see yourself. Imagine how you met him, what qualities he has. Such dreams allow you to escape from the thought that you can not meet your love in any way. After 2 days, release these dreams and get at the achievement of other equally important goals. You do not need to turn your desire of love into a goal that takes all your free time, forcing every second to wait and hope. Let go of yourself and live an ordinary life. Especially do not get carried away by those who do not reciprocate you. If a man does not take the first step, do it by yourself, not expecting that he will reciprocate you. Do this in order to save yourself from wasting your time. While you are overcoming the steps of the career ladder or mastering the basics of a foreign language, throw a look around from time to time – maybe your love is already there and just waiting for you to open your heart to it.

Top 3 tips on how to stop waiting for love

Instead of devoting time to yourself only, focusing on feelings and love, find a useful work that will bring many positive feelings and may well become that key that opens the door to the country of love. To stop waiting for love, engage in charity, become a volunteer, helping the elderly, orphans, homeless animals. Get yourself a pet or even two, think how many animals on the street need your warmth and affection. Having presented them your warmth and care, you will meet your love even faster, because the love given to the world will return to you without fail. Only helping those who need it, will let you feel the joy of life and save you from loneliness. Before you meet love, you will feel that this world needs you, making it purer and kinder.
• If the desire to find love is associated with the fear of being alone, consider the advantages of your current position as a free woman. There are not so few of them as it seems. To make it easier to find them, think about how many of your friends and girlfriends are happy in marriage, or maybe some have already divorced. Too strong desire to marry makes women make a lot of mistakes when choosing a husband, which leads to divorce and unsuccessful marriage. Think, if you have not yet met your beloved, then the chances of creating a happy family, if you do not get rushed, are very high. Therefore, remember that as long as you are free, you can do what you love most, without spending your personal time on household chores.
• Work out an expansion of outlook, spiritual and physical growth. When a woman is harmonious in everything, she attracts attention, especially the male’s, causing a desire to get to know and communicate. So do not waste time waiting for love, and spend it with benefit for yourself. Your life should become interesting and rich. Get acquainted with people, find like-minded people and wonderful interlocutors, visit interesting places, make trips, excursions, travel and it does not matter, by native area or abroad, most importantly – fill your life with beautiful emotions and unforgettable impressions.

In order not to wait for love, you have to understand that the whole psychology of waiting is quite a difficult thing. It does not really matter what you are waiting: promotions, summer, holidays, lottery or love, realize that real life is what is going on right now at this very second. Each person has only this moment, all that has been before, has disappeared in the past, all that will be is in the future. Therefore, think, is it really worth spending these priceless moments on a weary wait? Every minute spent on it disappears in the past and will not return any more, days, months and years pass, and besides waiting, there’s simply nothing to remember. Is it possible you dreamed of such a life? Even love, without which it is very difficult to live, does not require such sacrifices as aimlessly lived years. Devote time to your favourite pursuits and become a real professional in them.

If there is any specific dream, take care of its implementation. Very often people are afraid even to take the first step towards achieving it, considering that it is simply unrealizable. Be unique, surprise others and achieve what you want.

To make it easier to start, break the most incredible, but a cherished goal by a few easy steps. Each of them should be quite capable and not cause fear. Who knows, maybe in the way of fulfilling a dream, you will meet your love.

Waiting for the renewal of past love or the coming of the present, which will sweep away everything in its path, takes away your time, which can be spent more profitably. Love comes unexpectedly and you should not need to wait, the main thing is to be always ready, carefully looking around to see the approach of this beautiful feeling. Moreover, expectation does not bring love closer but simply takes away energy and forces that could be spent on improving not only ourselves but the surrounding world.

One shouldn’t wait for love. Love needs to be desired and dreamed of, and one’s personal time, here and now, must be spent on pressing issues, solving problems, achieving planned things and desires. As long as you live in the present, love gradually finds its way to you and very soon will knock on the door, if it has not already done it a few minutes ago.

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