Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

How To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Soul-Mate

A lot of people don’t understand the trouble a man goes into when he plans to choose engagement ring for his soul mate. Most of the time, a man gets ideas from the individuals whom he listens to. But most of them fail to give him right ideas. This guide tells you about how to win the heart of your soul mate taking the burden of love a little less heavy.

A major advantage of shopping from Zorba Diamond, one of the top diamond jewellery manufacturers in Kolkata, is that you get to choose from a plethora of styles and also get expanded access to any ring size of any design. So from where you want to begin with picking that perfect ring for your would-be? You can start by considering what will fit her personality and lifestyle. Of course, you need to keep an eye on your budget but it is ideal to keep her interests and daily activities in mind. Here is a list of recommendation that matches the various styles with personality traits for your soul mates.

  • The Nature Loving Outdoorsy Girl

If your soul-mate is happiest outdoor and loves nature then an engagement ring with nature elements imbibed into the designs will suit her best. She would appreciate designs like creepers, flowers, leaves or for the unconventional, with green gemstones like emeralds in the design. An active outdoorsy woman should have her diamonds set securely in the ring like the cathedral style. Pick a setting that keeps the diamond protected well and hugs the diamond all around the girdle.

  • The Glamorous Socialite

If your soul-mate is a popular socialite who frequents parties and the city’s happenings, then she would typically like something that dazzles with glamour. You would want to pick something that holds the diamond higher up or something that features the pave set diamonds on the ring. The Halo setting is also a popular choice for women who like to stand out. This setting has a centre diamond circled by diamonds all around which adds to the sparkle and gives the illusion of the central diamond being much bigger than it is.

  • The Classy & Traditional Lady

The good old classic solitaire setting that is timeless features a centre diamond grabbing all the focus with nothing else to distract. This is the most popular style for engagement rings. You can pick the basket or trellis setting that gives the piece a simple and classy look. If your traditional soul-mate is leaning towards the glamour side, then you can pick a ring that has a band of diamond accents or a three stone engagement ring.

  • The Modern, Fashionable Girl of Today

If your beloved is a fashion conscious, modern girl, then look for sculptural, unconventional ring designs that have non-traditional forms. You can also pick rings in pink or white shade of gold rather than the conventional yellow gold.

  • Cheerful and Dreamy Romantic

If your soul-mate loves romantic movies, colors and everything vintage, consider picking a ring with filigree, dainty bands and intricate galleries. You can surprise her by steering away from the traditional style by going with something that has gemstones as well.

We hope this got you one step closer to picking the perfect engagement ring; if you are still unsure about what to pick, a simple solitaire would be the safest bet any day! Online diamond shopping is fast catching on and the payment options available make your spontaneous proposal even more convenient. Here’s wishing you all the best, cheers and good luck for the big day.

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