Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

How to Find The Best Designer Ceiling Fans In India

trendy ceiling fans

A ceiling fan is probably the most ignored piece of equipment at home. We only remember them when the weather is very hot or when there is a need for increased air circulation inside any room. But beyond that need we tend to ignore their very existence. We also fail to notice when we go to buy them that just like other appliances at home, they too consume a decent amount of electricity. This is especially true if we go for some of the trendy ceiling fans in the market nowadays with fancy lights.

Ceiling fans nowadays have transformed themselves into fashionable accessories to your room with many brands selling trendy ceiling fans. We are proud to be the best designer ceiling fans in India but that does not help you in your choice. With so many competitors and design options now available this choice to find the most trendy ceiling fans becomes even more complicated. These trendy ceiling fans not only need to function like a ceiling fan but also be chic enough to satisfy the needs of your room design. Let us see some ways to help you with finding the best designer ceiling fans in India.

The options that are available in the market from some of the best designer ceiling fans in India not only give you a range of choices but also provides many different uses. Some things to keep in mind to start your search are the room height and the fan downrod length required. We provide fans for standard ceilings, low profile ceilings, ceilings that require a light fixture with the fan as well as outdoor and damp condition fans for ceilings. Some of the ceiling fans come with a remote control and all of our fans have a star rating that shows their consumption of energy to help you choose better.

These trendy ceiling fans exist in areas of style so that they may complement or sometimes even enhance the look of your room. They are available in the modern style with minimal style elements to blend in with your room, contemporary style with softer edges that will stand out from your design patterns of the room, traditional style that gives the feeling of an old fan but with modern sensibilities or the rustic style which are known for their unpretentious looks and a natural warmth that they bring to the decor.

The light options that these fans can provide are also many but not limited to bowl lights, branched lights, schoolhouse lights, integrated downlights for tight spaces, uplights to highlight your ceilings and come with a variety of options for the usage of bulbs. Depending upon the kind of light you require for your room whether a natural yellow light of the incandescent bulb, the more direct white light of the CFL or LED light bulb that will consume less energy or the warm glow of the halogen bulb as well as heat. Many of our fans also come with HID light bulbs to give you that edge on the style and to make them stand out.