Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

How to download a video on any platform?

Vidmate 2018

The definition of entertainment is no more restricted to watching TV or movies in theatres. Many people prefer to watch videos also which are available on a smartphone easily these days. There are ample sites where such videos are easily found, and one can enjoy the same at his leisure time. However, for such lovers of videos, the problem arises when they want to have the video on their device or send it to some people. The sites where these videos are available do not allow it, and hence one cannot store the video or forward it to others.

On the smartphone one can find various apps that help to save or send the videos to others, but the condition here is the video must be available on the device. If it is on any site, one has to get it to the device and then forward the same to others. The sites where the videos are have some limitations where they allow one to send the video but only the link and not the video in full. If one goes for download, it is also possible to have on the cloud of the concerned site only and not the device of the user. In this scenario, one needs to find the app that can help him get the required video with the help of its link.

The apps:

Those who want to have the support of an app that can drag the video from the site and store it on the device, there are ample options available on the play store. However, the authenticity of these apps is a big issue as many of them are not able to perform the task accurately and show an error. One can download vidmate app which is a tested and reliable option for such video downloading but it is not available on the play store. One needs to go to the site of the app which is 9apps, and there one can find the link to download this app. Once the link is clicked the app is downloaded automatically but it seeks permission to access various folders on the device, and the user needs to allow the same.

After the completion of the download vidmate app, it gets installed automatically, but during the installation, the device may prompt for a possible hazard to device which one needs to ignore. This app is completely safe and free from virus. Hence it does not harm the device in any way.

The use:

Once the download is done, and the app is installed one can open it and paste the link of the concerned video that he wants to fetch to the device. After pasting the link, one needs to click on download, and in a few moments, the same video is downloaded to the device. One can view the same, store and send it to others via different modes. Hence one can easily get the desired video on the device with this app which can be termed as the best one in the market.