Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

How are Women’s Sports Shoes Structured?

best sports shoes for women

Wearing the right fit and comfortable sports shoe will help prevent any injuries to the feet like calluses or blisters. The best sports shoes for women are lightweight and provide good shock absorption. But not all sports shoes available in the market are the same. You need to know how to differentiate between a good and a not so good sports shoe as well as the type of womens sports shoes that are just made for you. Here are some tips to figure that out easily.

Basic Structure of a Womens Sports Shoes

  • Achilles tendon protector: This feature is in most of the best sports shoes for women that reduces the stress on the Achilles tendon by locking the shoe around the heel.
  • Heel collar: This cushions the ankle and provides a proper fit to the shoe while you run or walk.
  • Upper: This part holds the shoe on your foot and is made up of many different materials like leather, mesh or synthetic. The mesh structure makes the shoe lightweight while providing better ventilation.
  • Insole: This cushions the foot and supports the arch of the foot. You can adjust this by adding or removing the insole to make for a better fit.
  • Midsole: This is the part of the shoe that cushions and takes care of all the impact when your feet hit the ground.
  • Outsole: This part has all the traction in the form of grooves and tread patterns required to maintain balance and grip on all surfaces.
  • Toe box: This part provides room for the toes to move while you walk.

Shape of Your Feet

You should know the shape of your feet before you start buying a shoe for them. The foot to a large extent should be the one dictating the shape of the shoe and not the other way round.

  • Width and length: Too narrow or too wide shoes can lead to calluses and painful blisters. A toe box that does not provide enough room can also lead to troubles like bunions and hammertoes.
  • Arch type: The alignment of various bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments in your feet make up arches that provide the spring to your gait and distribute the weight evenly across the feet. Choose the sports shoe that accommodates your particular arch type, which are of one of these three types: Low arch, high arch, neutral arch.

Choose a Shoe that Fits Best

Even the best sports shoes for women cannot do their job if they do not fit properly. Here are some tips to make your shoe choice simpler:

  • Go to the shoe store in the evening or later in the day as your feet tend to grow a bit during the day.
  • Either wear or take the socks that you will normally wear with you when you go to the store to test the shoe.
  • Buy shoes from a professional shop with lots of options.
  • Stand when you take a measurement of your foot as it will be most accurate.
  • Walk a bit in the store before buying the shoe. They should feel comfortable and not fit snugly especially on the heel and the toe.