Higher Level Of Creatine In The Body Leads To Increased Output

Supplements plays a vital role in our body, as our diet always lacks in fulfilling the necessary demand of vitamins and minerals. However, the role of supplements is even multifold during an intense workout. The body is always in need of high energy to build muscles. This is the reason why body builders and athletes always hunt for the right supplements for their workout. One such is creatine supplement. The substance is directly equivocal to high level of energy and leads to muscle building and lean muscle mass. The supplement is high in demand and available in capsule, powder, or even in pre made shake form.

However, creatine is not only limited to building muscles, rather, encompass plenty of varied other benefits and myprotein creatine monohydrate is one of the best supplements in the market. Here are 5 prominent reasons which you should undertake if you are even 1 % skeptical about creatine.

Higher energy

It is claimed that the creatine is the element which leads to increased level of strength in the body and is highly imperative for long and intense workout sessions. But how does it happen? It’s important to understand the science of our body. Your body requires ATP to quickly produce energy and deliver efficient performance. Hence, you need to ensure the required amount of ATP in the body and it is phosphocreatine that leads to the formation of ATP.

The supplement creatine increases the muscles phosphocreatine store and led to increased energy levels. This is how creatine helps in enhancing the performance of the body by fuelling the muscles with the required energy.

Increased muscle mass

It is considered as the most effective substance in increasing the muscle mass of the body. It can stimulate varied cellular pathways which lead to muscle growth and fibers which are responsible in boosting new muscle growth. Research has proved that creatine raises the level of IGF -1 and stimulates AKT pathways, both are responsible in sending messages to your brain to build more muscle mass. Another important way to boost the cell volumization is through increased water content in the muscles.

Enhanced performance

We have seen how creatines significantly lead to high ATP energy production and increased levels of ATP is directly equal to higher and intense performance. However, there is no magic in this; rather, creatine stimulates various factors due to which, better performance is an eminent outcome. These factors are- strength, muscle endurance, ballistic power, elimination of fatigue, muscle mass, brain performance, high rate of recovery, sprint ability and much more. Hence, creatine along with building muscles also led to a higher fitness level. This makes creatine different, as other supplements in the market are usually beneficial for a single purpose, but creatine supplements are hugely opted to maintain high fitness levels.

Good for neurological system

A low level of phosphocreatine is the key factor in the neurological system. Creatine supplement can increase this low or stagnant level of phosphocreatine, which significantly improves the rate of recovery and reduced any disease progression. A study revealed that the restoration levels of phosphocreatine ensure smooth functioning of the body by reducing cell death near to 25%.


Many research and survey has suggested that the intake of creatine significantly contributes in increased overall fitness. These were a few benefits of consuming creatine supplements and it is usually opted for post workout.

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