Decades or years before, a single pair of shoes was all we wear for any physical activities such as biking, walking, and running. Any workout activities you can call to mind, and that old shoe will fit (as we led to believe ourselves).

Today, it is a different case. It seems that every single workout or sports require a particular pair of shoes to wear. You should not wear a pair of tennis shoes if you are playing basketball. If you are going for a biking sesh, you should not put on a pair of running shoes.

Modern athletic footwear has designs intended for improved performance of any physical activities. Buying the wrong shoes, for example, can be a barrier to your goals of achieving a physical feat. So here is a shoe guide for all physical buffs out there.

Shoes for Biking

Bikers are prone to cramping, especially if they are riding for a long distance or biking through a rough road. It is the reason why many pairs of biking shoes have a stiff sole structure to provide your feet the required support to avoid injuries.

There are also designs that come with clipless pedals to provide you the necessary control in every step on the bike pedal. This design will make your feet secure to avoid slipping off and accidents.

Shoes for Running

A pair of running shoes comes with motion control, shock absorption, and firm stability designs for increased performance. This type of athletic footwear has the flexibility that allows you to use the full movement of your feet in each step.

Some designs have an extra cushion and stiffness around the arch to prevent the possibility of pronation and trauma from every hard footfall.

When going for a trail run, you need running shoes with thick soles for protection from sharp objects like rocks in the mountains. Make sure that it has a comfortable, lower-to-the-ground feel to keep you stable and a solid grip for effective traction.

For sprint running, the great footwear to use is racing flats. Racing flats have a lightness of weight that enables you to run fast. Its weight and design reduce the amount of time between the footfall on the surface and the kick off to enhance your running speed.

Shoes for Hiking

Walking is perhaps the easiest and convenient way to sweat out because you can have a walk in your neighborhood or urban areas near your place. So, for short walks, you need a pair of footwear that will give you comfort and prevent blisters. You can buy shoes with arch support, breathable uppers, and a slightly elevated heel.

For hiking, you can use a trail running shoes with mid- or high-cut top to provide stability in the ankle and support. Or you can wear backpacking boots because it has stiffer midsoles and goes as high above the ankles for firm ankle support.

Shoes for Playing Football or Soccer

Cleats are excellent to wear when you love to play soccer, football, baseball, or frisbee because it provides significant traction for every directional changes and push-off. Cleats typically have higher tops to give stability to the ankles.

Shoes for Playing Tennis

For tennis players, you need a pair of shoes that provide support for side-to-side movements. It is ideal that your shoes give stability not only on the inside but also outside the foot. As such, it will allow you to have flexible and repeated quick movements when striking the ball.

On soft tennis courts, wearing a pair of footwear with softer soles allows for better traction on the soft ground. On hard courts, you need a sole with greater tread.

Shoes for Playing Basketball

For playing basketball, you need a pair of shoes that provide a combination of flexibility and sideways support. For example, footwear with thick, stiff sole gives added stability when you are running on a basketball court and doing side-to-side movements.

Shoes for Gym Workout

For people who take interests in dropping sweats in cardio machines or an aerobic class, most athletic shoes will do in the gym. When you lift weights, it’s important to buy shoes that offer stability in your ankles and hold your feet firmly on the ground.

For example, you need flat, stiff soles to do weight lifting to allow yourself to push off the ground with greater force. In other aerobic activities, you can wear cross-trainers because it is versatile and lightweight. You can look for trainer shoes in sites like Deal Wiki.


Shoes are an essential piece of equipment when it comes to going to the gym and playing any sports. Nowadays, many types of shoes have designs that improve performance when doing sporting activities. Thus, it is essential you know of these different types to suit your particular sports.

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