Saving money on your water consumption seems to be a trend, but it is not entirely a new thing. In the 1950s, people started saving money in their water utility bills by installing modern shower heads that use only a small amount of water.

Up to this day, people are still hell-bent on reducing their water usage, and it has been an urgent case because of various reasons. For one, there is the serious problem of climate change that is taking a toll on our environment and our lives.

According to, the world’s natural resources are dwindling. By 2030, they predicted that the world’s supplies would be scarce enough to threaten economic progress, political stability, and public health.

So, if you want to conserve water and save the planet, it is high time that you start it now. Here are some of the ways to cut corners on your water utility bill.

Turn Off the Tap After Use

According to Environmental Protection Agency, the average bathroom faucet consumes about two gallons every minute. It means a big cost on your water bill if you let your faucet run several minutes while you take a bath or brush your teeth.

For practical purposes, you must take simple steps like turning off the faucet when you are done using it.

Use Efficient, Energy-Saving Dishwashers

It is high time now that you do not use your hands when washing your used kitchenware. Handwashing consumes more water than using dishwashers, so it is not a good idea when you are thinking of saving the planet.

You can use efficient, energy-saving dishwashers that you can find the market today. These modern dishwashers can be a big help if you want to conserve water and cut the cost of your water consumption.

Wrap Your Water Heater

If you worry about your huge water utility bill, the culprit may be your old water heater. Water heaters that have no insulation blanket can get your water utility bill rising. Therefore, it is essential to wrap your water heaters with an insulation blanket.

Water heater blankets are inexpensive, and it can reduce standby heat losses by 25 to 45 percent. It means a savings of up to 16 percent on your annual water heating bill.

So it is a good idea if you look now for a water heater insulation blanket or replace your water heater with a solar-powered one.

Avoid Using Water When You Defrost

Instead of running the water over your food to thaw it, you can use a microwave for this purpose. Also, do not use hot tap water when defrosting.

According to US Department of Agriculture, using hot water to thaw your food can promote the growth of bacteria that can endanger your health.

Install a Rainwater Tank

Apart from the rising cost of water, there is also the problem of restrictions on water access in times of drought. For you to be self-sufficient, you should install rainwater tanks in your home. No matter what size, water tanks are great to save water for use in times of crisis.

There are water tanks that are big enough to let an average home store 100,000 liters of water annually. Rainwater is an excellent water source for your laundry or toilets. You can look for high-quality, durable water tanks in sites like GStore.

Reduce Your Shower Time

A standard showerhead can consume around 2.5 gallons of water every minute, while a bathtub can use approximately 36 gallons. It means that the longer you stay in the shower, the more money you will pay for your water utility bill.

Therefore, it would be a good idea to take steps such as cutting your daily shower time. Not only that it will save you money, but it is also one step to preserve the environment.

Upgrade Your Toilet Bowl

When it comes to saving water, one of the ways to make it possible is replacing an old toilet bowl with a new one. Modern toilet bowls are water-efficient, which only use a small amount of water every time you flush.

According to Save Our Water, you will save between 38 to 45 gallons of water in a day if you do an upgrade of your toilet. In the calculation, you will save 1,140 to 1,350 gallons a month.


With the diminishing natural resources and growing environmental concerns, it is important that we find ways in saving the environment. One of these ways is to reduce our water consumption.

Not only that it has a good impact on the environment, but conserving water also reduce the cost of your water utility bill. So take the cues mentioned above for you to save water and save Mother Earth.