Gearing Up Your Toddler For Winter

Gearing Up Your Toddler For Winter

Winter, a season just after the muddy and mushy rainy season, is indeed a calming one. It marks the birth of Jesus Christ and hence Christmas. If not taken good care, this festive season might turn to be a rally dangerous one for the kids. Here is a guide ready to help you.

Things to consider before shopping toddlers thermal wear

How much is the kid’s outdoor activity?

If your child is going to be outdoor for longer hours, its better considering buying something thick and heavy, as outsides can be really cold. Woolen clothes are considered as the best option for this. If little to no outdoor activity is present, it might be in the best interest of the child to buy something light yet warm clothes made up of materials like silk or flannel

  • Your kid’s natural temperature.

Some kids are naturally warmer while some, cold. Being naturally warmer means the child won’t need any excess bulky clothes. A thin sweater would be enough to keep him warm. If he is on the cooler side, a bulky woolen sweater worn over a thin sweater can help.

  • Layers better than bulk

Wearing one bulky sweater sometimes can prove messy. What if you are outdoors and the temperature starts rising up? Here wearing the sweater feels too hot, or removing it feels too cold. Wearing a few layers can help in this situation as you can always pull off one or two depending on the heat without getting the child hot and fussy.

How to dress your toddler thermal wear the right way.

The human body heat reduces in cold temperatures as it tries to adapt to climate changes. This leaves the human body vulnerable to infections and a variety of other harmful diseases. Little children have weak immunity and hence are super sensitive to cold weather and probably can catch infections caused by them pretty soon. Toddlers thermal wear are excellent in keeping children warm enough. Dressing up a child for winter is no rocket science. Starting with a hat from the top that covers the kid’s ears is the most essential. Then a scarf should be wrapped around the neck. An Oxford should be worn inside the jacket which will help to keep the torso warm. The hands should be covered by gloves and feet should be covered with socks.

My kid refuses wearing winter clothes.

Children adapting to changes might be a real pain for parents. Toddlers wearing heavy winter clothes might give parents a hard time. Nevertheless, with the help of some techniques, parents can easily manipulate their children into wearing winter clothes. Here are some tips to consider-

Buy something loose. The woolen material might feel different and cause irritation and itchiness on the sensitive skin of the child. Loose clothes can solve this problem.

Choose the right fabric. Every kid should have different choices. Some might like wearing woolen clothes, some might like silk or fleece. It’s a parent job finding the perfect fit for their children. 

Make your children used to winter clothes. Have them wear clothes for a short time before winter.

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