Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Face Fat Removal Surgery to Get Rid of Bichat Bags

How many times has it happened to you that when you take a Selfie or a normal photo you leave with super-full cheeks or an unnecessary double chin that dazzles your photo? Unfortunately, our face is not exempt from accumulating fat, and its undesirable presence is a complex factor to many people, even more to those who have a round face by nature.

You should know that weight loss in a specific part of your body is practically impossible unless you have surgery. So if you are not going to go through the operating room, you will have to start feeding properly and exercising your whole body. Little by little you will see with great satisfaction how your body will be outlined and of course, also your face. Even so, here are some tips to reduce the fat in both your cheeks and your gill, which you can apply while exercising your whole body in general.

Are you very concerned about your Facial Looks too?

There are women who care about the contour of their face and when it looks round, they immediately blame their cheeks for causing it. This condition is often confused with being overweight. We often see that women want to wear a defined and oval face as show stars show, to achieve this, they undergo treatments that help them profile their face.

One of the factors responsible for making the face look round or elongated are Bichat bags, which are deposited just in the area under the cheekbones. But, regardless of whether they provide you with a profiled or round face, they fulfill the function of giving support and structure to the face. Then, at the slightest change that occurs in these (reduce or not) your face will undergo modifications, making it look aged, with weight gain or flaccid.

The most common way to eliminate Bichat bags is Bichectomy, which is a face fat removal surgery in which the extraction of Bichat bags (bags that store fat) is carried out, this is how the face looks more elongated and not rounded Being a surgical treatment, it means that it is invasive and, as far as it is concerned, more and more patients are inclined and risk opting for less invasive treatments, lagging surgical surgery as a last option.

Best Surgery for Face Fat Removal

The face is the most attractive part of our body. Therefore, there are many people who seek to improve the image and greater balance in the face and go to cosmetic surgery to refine it, accentuating the area of ​​the cheekbones. Those patients complexed by an excessively rounded face can find the solution by extracting the facial fat, accumulations of fat found in the cheeks.

To eliminate them, a very fashionable non-invasive intervention will be required because many celebrity stars have undergone it to beautify the face and obtain the long-awaited triangular profile. Removing them will sharpen the face, accenting the cheekbones, making it more angular and defined. This operation is recommended for those who are between 16, when the face stops growing, and 40 when, due to the beginning of the aging process in which the face begins to lose weight on its own.