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Physical design training refers to a course which helps the engineers to have detailed knowledge of all the aspects of physical designing which includes floor planning, power planning, global routing, clock tree synthesis and many others. This training also includes multiple hands-on different projects with the use of Synopsys implementation flow. This course is widely used in PnR flow in different industries.

Physical training involves a program in which students are trained and illustrated with the help of real-time examples from the dedicated industry. The physical design training program includes various courses such as floor planning, placement, routing, clock tree synthesis, timing closure, final routing and many others. This program illustrates the complete and micro-level wide understanding of the concepts to the engineers. Trainers provide complete theory sessions and lab sessions to students. At least two projects on million gate design from netlist to GDSII are also guided by the trainers to every candidate.

More than 15 assignments are being included in this program and thus this training is supported with such assignments that cover all the aspects of physical design implementation flow along with practical aspect also. All the assignments that are included are detailed and well structured so that all the aspects of physical design get covered easily. These assignments act as part of course lectures and students are provided this training course in 12 months from the date of registration. Physical design training topics include initial design setup, floor planning, scan chain reordering and repartitioning, global routing, clock tree synthesis, design for manufacturability and many more.

This course is related with industry requirements and trainers focus mainly on physical designs and to cover all the concepts, methodologies, good control on hands-on training, use of proper standard tools, use of less possible time in lab sessions and to provide quality project at the end of the courses.

Physical design course in Bangalore is designed in the form of small videos which helps the students to grasp the content in the form of infographics. This course is focused on self-learning and helps them to develop their industry skills related to VLSI. It involves detailed concepts from basic physical designs of devices to chip designs of such devices. This course is suitable for those who want to become physical design engineers and want to enter into the world of VLSI. It helps the students to learn new ways to solve their electronic problems.

This course introduces basic design flow to participants, along with basic data structures and algorithms used for implementing the same. The main advantage of this course includes examples and assignments used by trainers to help the participants to understand the concepts. It also makes them anticipate the challenges and solutions that they face during their training session. This course is perfect for computer science and engineering students along with electronics and communication engineers. Electrical engineers can also attempt training in this filed. All they require is clear basic concepts in digital circuit designing.

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