Most of the eCommerce web development ventures offers a non-linear checkout process. Offering checkout process including steps into the steps confuses the online shoppers. However, to design a linear checkout process is very easy. You simply have to avoid redirecting users from the checkout process to the previous page, instead direct customers to the next step.

* Adding descriptive form fields Some eCommerce websites often overlook the importance of adding descriptions of the form fields. Many times users or customers may not understand the purpose of the specific lines within the form fields. Whenever your eCommerce website has any form field labels without any descriptions within the checkout process, some of the customers may get confused and probably leave the checkout process in the mid way. Therefore, always make a habit to add descriptions of the form fields to make it easy for end users to understand it clearly

* Try to get rid of those contextual words Sometimes contextual words like “continue shopping” or “continue checkout” may be the reason for the abandon of the checkout process. Many eCommerce sites include “Back” button, which creates confusion for the end users like what does this Back button means? Does it mean to go back to the last page? Or does it mean to go back to the search results? Instead use words that clearly indicate the purpose. For example, use checkout now instead of “continue checkout”, shop more instead of “continue shopping” and so on.

* Highlight the sensitive fields on the payment page Online shoppers love to shop online, but they feel hesitation while providing the confidential details like credit card numbers, account numbers and so on. Highlighting those sensitive fields on the payment using some form of icons, colors, borders, trust & security lables etc. will help you enhance their confidence in your eCommerce web development venture and they won’t go in the half way during the checkout process.

* Make shipping address and billing address same by default This is very common thing that every eCommerce website designer should keep in mind. Online shoppers will definitely going to order products to their home, so instead of asking the shipping address and billing address individually, it is better to set the shipping address as a billing address by default. While there are many more guidelines available to design a better checkout process for your eCommerce web development venture, these 5 guidelines for away. Make sure you follow them to make your checkout process user-friendly and to make it perform well.


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