Eat, Enjoy, & Party: How Calcutta Celebrates the Festive Month of December

The distressing days of humid summer are over and finally, winter has set foot in the ‘City of Joy’. Needless to say, that this has left every Calcuttan almost delirious with uncontrollable excitement, and out of this excitement, they are taking out the most prized possessions of every Bengali household, the monkey cap. Perfectly clad in their armor, they are ready to battle out the wonderful festivities in the wintery streets of Kolkata. Unlike the western world, where the holiday season is mostly spent indoors with the family and close knit of friends, in Kolkata, a sea of people are seen celebrating Christmas and ushering the New Year outdoors, at Park Street to be precise, amidst the glittering carnival of lights and loud music with some lip-smacking treats for the taste buds. This is an event that no other city in India can lay its claim to.

Park Street is a phenomenal location, in the heart of Kolkata, and during December, it is decked up like a fairytale. With murals featuring Christmas fables and the glorious fair of lights, it seems like people’s festive spirits have simply started wafting through the street just like the aroma of mouthwatering delicacies from the famous eateries at Park Street. It is definitely a sight to remember in Kolkata winters.

So, here is a glimpse of some of the most iconic ways the Calcuttans choose to celebrate the festive season. Take a look.


Christmas in Kolkata is definitely incomplete without Flurys. Without indulging in the gooey, rich, and heavenly Rum Balls or before digging into the sinful, chocolaty, densely moist Choco Truffle Cake, all from Flurys, one of the best bakeries in Kolkata, Christmas refuses to take a kick-start in this city. Flurys holds a special place in every Calcuttan’s heart not only for the unique flavors and taste that it rewards you with but also because of the yearning nostalgia that this place can bring to your plate. It is simply a sweetening indulgence that has been garbed in tradition, cultural heritage, and reminiscing nostalgia, that every Calcuttan is familiar with. Whether it is the old lady who isn’t allowed to eat sweets but simply cannot take her eyes off the Chocolate Cube Pastry and every Christmas eve, she gives in to her guilty pleasure or the middle aged couple who come down every Christmas day, stooped in reminiscence from their dating days when both would sneak out from work to share a Rum Ball or that chubby little child who has his heart set on the pouch of Milk Chocolates which even beats the new toy Santa gave him this year, it is indeed difficult to put in words, what this brand holds for the residents of Kolkata. And since it is also available online, you don’t have to wake up early on Christmas morning to grab your favorite cake; you can get a cake delivery in Kolkata by just placing your order online.

Over the years, Kolkata has moved to nattier crowds, fancier lifestyles, and evolving eating habits but Flurys is not just a habit; Flurys is also not merely an indulgence for special occasions. It is a journey that has traversed from being traditional to emotional, and from being aspiring as a small tearoom in 1927 to inspiring as an institutional memorabilia. And that is why even during the festive season of Christmas and New Year, it manages to hold its own with much panache and style, despite the younger and trendier versions trying to make a place for themselves in this city of spirit, heritage, and soul.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Just like Flurys, another very iconic place at Kolkata is the St. Paul’s Cathedral. Located not very far from Park Street, Calcuttans love to revel in the soothing, peaceful, and quiet atmosphere of the church. Although very crowded on the 25th of December, you can take a look at its rich architecture on any other day this festive month. Beautifully decorated and adorned with the silver bells, Christmas tree, streamers, and lights, this place holds a grand celebration. As people join in the festivities from different backgrounds and communities, forgetting their different faiths, the evening fills the air with the sound of choirs and carols.

Grand Parties

As well know, December in Kolkata is synonymous with non-stop partying, hullabaloo, and dancing. The city throws some magnificent parties at several locations and is set ablaze with amazing music and grooving dance moves. So, if you are looking to celebrate in Kolkata, look no further than these grand parties. Eat, drink, chat while swaying to the music and dance away all night like no one is watching.

So, order iconic cakes and online pastries in Kolkata from Flurys or take part in the grand celebration by partying all night, but all we can promise is that the festive month in Kolkata has plenty of options for you and will definitely not let you down.


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