Diet For Fall Season 2019

In autumn, it is important to maintain a diet full of vitamins. Therefore, certain diets based on cutting calories and beneficial elements are unfortunately not suitable for weight loss. Focus on the usefulness and energy efficiency of particular products.

The dull, cold, dank autumn has fully taken over, which means that the time has come for “seasonal” colds and exacerbations. In order to maintain your health and avoid autumn depression, it is advisable to urgently take measures to strengthen immunity. And this is not so simple, given that the time for fruit and vegetable vitamin abundance has already ended. What products will help strengthen immunity in the fall, firstly, and maintain a slim figure, and secondly?
Unfortunately, many of us meet autumn with problematic skin and unattractive hair. The fact is that during the summer season tanning and bathing dry both skin and hair. As a result, the skin peels in places, wrinkles are sharply marked on the face, the hair becomes brittle, dull, dry, stubborn and may even fall out more. Do not wait until their condition normalizes itself, it is urgent to apply measures, namely, to review your diet in the autumn.

Proper nutrition in the fall

In the fall, for skin elasticity and silky hair, choose products containing vitamins A, B, E and sulfur:

Vitamin A – found in the liver, fish oil, milk, egg yolks, carrots, apricots, pumpkin, spinach. Vitamin A is best absorbed with fat, therefore it is recommended, for example, to fill raw carrots with a drop of vegetable oil;

B vitamins – “live” in yeast, tomato juice, potatoes, chicken, bananas, lentils, beans;

Vitamin E – it can be “detected” in all types of nuts, dried apricots, rose hips, sea buckthorn, squid;

sulfur – it contains cheeses, quail eggs, meat, fish, legumes, cabbage, fragrant garlic and onions, lettuce.

Also in the autumn period it is recommended to take special vitamin complexes that will make up for the lack of natural vitamins and minerals in the body.

It is worth noting that autumn-winter is not the best period for dietetic experiments. If you want to lose weight by more than 5 kilograms, it is better to postpone your plans until the spring, as food restrictions can lead to a catastrophic shortage of vital substances for the body. And then you will be defenseless against viruses! But if you still decide to go on a diet, try to eat low-fat products, exclude yeast dough and sweets from your diet, and instead enter low-fat cheese, fish, dairy products in the menu. Be sure to support the strength of your body with vitamin complexes!

The right approach to organizing the autumn diet for immunity will allow your body to withstand all colds and depression of the fall!

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