Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Coffee May Help Prevent Mouth and Throat Cancer

Coffee May Help Prevent Mouth and Throat Cancer

coffee and dental health

Drinking coffee brings beneficial effects on the body but especially on the teeth, which prevents and limits the development of oral cancer.

There are experts who specialize in the study of cancer and on Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, with her collaborators, published through research carried out in Israel the inverse relationship that exists between coffee consumption and risks of developing colorectal cancer, means that coffee exerts neuroprotective and preventive effects on the formation of oral or throat cancer.

Coffee prevents cancers of the oral cavity and pharynx:

One of the last studies on coffee, conducted by some expert dentists and surgeons, found that subjects who consume a quantity of daily coffee equal to 4 reduce by 39% compared to those who do not drink this drink, the risk of oral and pharyngeal cancers.

The results of this study have been published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, in which it is stated that the causes of this link (coffee / oral cavity tumor and pharynx) are clarified shortly, as the studies currently in this direction.

It is good to specify how drinking coffee cannot be chemoprevention. Coffee is perhaps the most consumed and controversial drink on our table. Tasty, aromatic and rich in properties and contraindications based on the doses taken. Several times we have talked about the benefits and contraindications of this drink, concluding: as long as it is not abused, coffee is beneficial for the body.

In fact, not only is it good for the liver, it prevents oral cancers, it prevents prostate cancer and senile dementia, and it is good for the heart, but it would also be a natural antidepressant.

Coffee and anti-depressive properties in other matters:

According to research by experts at the dental clinic, coffee brings an advantage, especially to women, in fighting depression. The study clearly shows that women who consume coffee during the day, compared to those who do not drink coffee, are less at risk of depression.

Although, as has often been said, we must not abuse it, as taking large amounts of caffeine can lead to states of anxiety, as well as causing insomnia and mood swings. It can also cause bleeding gums problems in severe cases.

How is coffee seen in other ways?

Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world after water, but above all, it is one of the most studied foods by science. Recent studies tell how, and why, a coffee break at work or before an afternoon of study can be a good idea. But does it cause a toothache?

Caffeine, contrary to popular belief, does not prevent us from sleeping; rather it makes us rest better. Its energizing effect does not act immediately after drinking, but at least 20 minutes later. Therefore, to enjoy this effect to its fullest, it is advisable to drink coffee before the nap, to wake up after 20 minutes rested, recharged and concentrated.

Don’t you drink coffee because you’re afraid your teeth are staining?

That caffeine stains your teeth, you know (review good habits here to keep them white and clean).

But now a study, tells us that it plays an important role in our dental health: the antioxidants contained in coffee would have protective effects against diseases of the mouth, helping in reducing the number of bone loss periodontal and save us from going through bleeding gums treatment.

If you do not suffer from particular pathologies and if your family doctor does not prohibit you from taking caffeine, do not demonize it. With moderate doses, it can be good for your health and mood.

Tooth color and coffee:

The dental enamel has small holes, which become larger as the age progresses. These holes tend to stain if you consume many drinks like coffee. Potentially coffee is one of the drinks that can stain your teeth. The more you drink coffee, the more you run the risk of having your teeth stained by it. We speak, however, of non-permanent stains; just a professional cleaning every 6 months to eliminate bleeding gums and staining problems.

Coffee is considered to heal and keep your oral health in a good state. Just remember to consume it in a limit. Always make a regular visit to your nearest dental clinic for better consultation.