Causes and Remedies of Dry Mouth

When volume of saliva level decreases from your mouth, it results in dry mouth or Xerostomia. The people, who are affected with this disease faces difficulty to eat, speak and digest food. This illness can be the reason of malnutrition. Folks face extreme dry mouth dysfunction, which is the reason of throat disorder, anxiety and oral problems. This may also destroy the quality of life. About 20% of people in Canada are affected with dry mouth disorder. It affects elderly people.


Xerostomia is the reason of high blood pressure, diuretics medicine, anti-depressants, narcotics and steroids. Medications are the complex reason of sore throat. When chemo-therapy, radiation for tumors are affected then people are affected by this common oral problem. Some of the addiction like tobacco intake, smoking, and drugs inhaling are reason of this vital illness. Anorexia, bulimia, mumps, cystic fibrosis and eating disorder are the source of this complexity.

They not only affect the salivary gums but also destroy teeth. Salivary stones and Parkinson’s disease often lead stroke and disrupt nerve functions where people faces lump sensation.


You may feel sore, pain and thirsty all the time. A little saliva in mouth destructs your digestion process. Stringy and thick fluid helps to chew food. That is obstructed because of this common problem. You realize the taste of the food because of saliva and it flushes the particles of oral part. Non-prescribed drugs of allergies, cough and cold, overactive bladder and mental health issues.

Signs and Symptoms

There are some symptoms of mouth dryness as follows:

  • Frequent thirst.

  • Dry throat.

  • Feeling uneasiness.

  • Difficulty to digest.

  • Complexity to speak, swallow (dysphasia) and chew.

  • Drinking increases.

  • Sense of taste vanishes.

  • Cracked and chapped lips.

  • Dry eyes

  • Hoarseness

  • Dizziness and headache.

  • Pale gum

  • Bad breath

  • Dry nasal passage

  • Headache

  • Cold and cough

  • Sores and ulcer

  • Dentures

  • Fungal infection

  • Tingling sensation

  • Yeast

  • Candidacies

  • Burning sensation

  • Bleeding gums

  • Periodontal

  • Gingivitis

  • Tooth decay

This is a kind of fungal infection which is associated with diabetes and HIV. Dark plaque and bad breath is the reason of this compound issue.

Diagnosis done by care professionals

When this disease is observed then orthodontist of Canada supports to provide dry mouth remedies in Canada. They implements diagnosis developing treatment and management. The experts inspect salivary ducts and glands to check blockages measured with stimulated and unstipulated salivary flow. The oral tissues, lips and tongue dehydrate adequate issues that are varied with chronic and prolonged complaints. This can be the reason of oral cancer.


There are lots of oral treatments offered in Canada, such as saliva stimulation, caries prevention, fluoride prevention, yeast infection, saliva preservation. This dry mouth treatment in Canada helps patients to get relief from such complexity.

Preservation: It maintains the oral tissues and moist your mouth. The patients must try to breathe through their nose. Doctors prescribe some medicines and gives suggestion to avoid tobacco, alcohol and caffeine, which is most essential thing. They use humidor and OTC antihistamines, decongestants etc.

Substitution: To replace the moisture drink water frequently and chuck ice. Health professionals provide mouth wash that removes the harm. Avoid alcohol based products and biotin that contains glycerin. You need to moisturize lips by Vaseline and balm. The Canadian health clinics suggest all these dry mouth remedies in Canada.

Stimulation: Chewing gums and other medicines are prescribed by professionals to avoid the risk of cavities like Evoxac and Salagen.

Caries prevention: Gingivitis, cavities and fungal infections can be avoided if proper toothpaste and mouth wash is used. Best orthodontist suggests those medicines.


If you want to eliminate this vital problem from root then you must visit a best orthodontist who delivers proper dry mouth treatment in Canada. Prognosis is managed by dry mouth prevention programs that are provided by the health professionals. Manage these problems eventually because they might be the reason of complex conditions that can be trouble in future. So do not avoid these issues and follow monthly checkups whenever necessary.


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