All about the PET-CT Scan

Today, the medical field has developed enormously. Hi-tech machines and equipment are introduced in order to analyze chronic diseases at a very early stage. Introduction of these machines has helped the mankind by decreasing the death rate to a great extent. One of such introduction is PET-CT scan – a combination of PET and CT […]

ACL Injury and its Treatment

There are four main ligaments that connect the tibia or shin bone to the femur or thigh bone; all of them are present in or around the knee. One of these ligaments is known as anterior cruciate ligament. It is cross shaped and so it is called cruciate. It is also anteriorly placed on the […]

The Role of Vitamins in Our Daily Life

Since our childhood, we have been told that vitamins are good for us. Our Mothers were always back of us asking us to eat veggies, fruits, and beans as they make us grow big and strong. Now we all have grown up and learned that there is a truth in mother’s words. Vitamins are the […]

Beautifying the Young Face

As aesthetic practitioners, safety should be our number one priority. In the best interests of our patients, we evolve and develop new skills and approaches to consultation and treatment. Regardless of experience and training, one of the toughest challenges of consultation is merging patient ‘wants’ with patient ‘needs’ or marrying the opinions of our patients […]

Causes and Remedies of Dry Mouth

When volume of saliva level decreases from your mouth, it results in dry mouth or Xerostomia. The people, who are affected with this disease faces difficulty to eat, speak and digest food. This illness can be the reason of malnutrition. Folks face extreme dry mouth dysfunction, which is the reason of throat disorder, anxiety and […]