Future Growth of Artificial Intelligence in Finance Sector

Most of the movies have portrayed future of artificial intelligence where intelligent robots become rebellious and try to destroy the mankind. But the reality is far away from the movies as artificial intelligence is helping human in every aspect. Most of us are using artificial intelligence applications every day without even knowing. Apple’s Siri, Google […]

Missed the Bus – File your Tax returns after 31st July – An Implication

If you think that all your obligations end once you are done paying taxes, then you are mistaken. The deal cannot be sealed unless and until you file your tax return. With less than 3% people filing tax returns in India, there is a common misconception that once TDS (Tax deducted at source) gets levied, […]

Top Ten Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting or Bookkeeping Services

Are you looking for accounting business services in Long Island City or around your town? Today, competition in most industries is rather high. Even when you are competitive when it comes to factors like information technology support, competence and knowledge of resources and the general economic situation, your competitor may still grow at a faster […]

4 Life Situations That May Require You Avail a Personal Loan

In life, you will face many ups and downs and one of the biggest issues that you will probably face is money problems. Yes, money can’t solve all issues, but it can always solve more issues than anything else. You may find many ways to tackle money issues such as borrowing from friends and family, […]

5 investment plans for salaried employees!

If you are a salaried individual and making less money, you need not worry about fulfilling numerous financial goals of your life. Yes, even if you are making less money, there are still smarter ways to help you reap more out of your investments. Don’t make that face by reading ‘investments’ as you don’t need […]

Housing Loan – A Hope for the HopeLess

Real estate prices have certainly hit the sky, making it unaffordable for the middle class to even dream buying a home. But then, we, Indians are sentimentally and emotionally attached to land and home and there is the burning desire to own a home at some point in your lifetime. That is where Housing Loan […]

When Can Loan Against Property be Helpful for SMEs

The Government of India is ambitiously pitching for an aggressive ‘Make in India’ campaign. This opens up a plethora of opportunities for the emergence of small and medium enterprises, also known as SMEs. Now, you have to agree that any SME unit requires finance for its formation. The question is where they raise finance from. […]