Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

Best Political PR Agency in INDIA

Started by Mr. Ashish Gupta,  This company has been conducting research and surveys on constituency level in across pan India for all types of election such as Legislative, Parliamentary, Municipal Corporation Election, the accuracy of their survey can be judged by Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi , Haryana, Maharashtra and other state election. 

It has been featured in media such as TimesNow, Navbharat , Dainik Bhaskar and other news sources for Assembly Election 2017.

  • They offer  ” How to win an election ” service to their client

Services offered by Make You Big to their client helps them to know and improve their position for election candidature by analyzing : 

  1. Demographic pattern voting pattern.
    2. Area wise analysis ( to identify strong or weak polling area).
    3. Past Election Analysis to understand and forecast the result.
  2. Collecting voters feedback as a suggestions to their leader to make the improvement upon.
  3. Door to Door Campaign for Voter Awareness. 
    Political Research :
    Finding micro and macro issues which can influence elections
    Image of present leader and assessing satisfaction level
    Opinion poll to know voter’s mood
    Collecting contact numbers of influential people at booth level
    Caste equation and their voting pattern
    Vote share in favour of our client
    Expectations of people from an ideal candidate

Opinion and Exit polls Research

It evaluates the present public preference of all the given candidates
Its feedback predicts most suitable candidate for the region
It determines caste-wise poling distribution
Identifies effective media sources which are most influential for voters
Preferred ministerial candidates at state and national level

Election management Services:
Door-to-door Mass Campaign

  1. At Bulk SMS and IVR Calls
  2. Social Digital Media and e-Campaigning
  3. War Room
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