9 Things To Do in Bataan Philippines

If you want to go for a natural beauty and adventure, Bataan in the Philippines is rich for its tourist spot that never runs out of amazing escapades. They also celebrate the Araw ng Kakitingan or Valor Day which is also known as Bataan Day, anvaya cove is also featured on some places that you should visit in the historic city.

Pawikan Conservation Center

There are the bunch of mysterious creatures that can be found in this place. The Pawikan Conservation Center is supported by the Bataan government, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and UNESCO which was initiated in 1999. The Bantay Pawikan men and volunteers from the local community patrol, during the night they will guard eggs laid by marine turtles in the beach. They are carefully transported to the Conservation Center until they are hatched before they are going to be released back to the sea.

You can learn these beautiful and mysterious sea turtles who are nature travelers. You may also release baby sea turtles back in the sea with proper orientation. Purchasing souvenirs and other things made by the Center will also help them to earn the fund.

Bataan Technology Park

The Bataan Technology Park is having a small tour through Indo-China. You get to see the Vietnamese Monument, Buddhist Temples, Angkor Wat, and a Refugee Boat. This is also a world-class research facility for technology and applied sciences among rich cultural display and religions and history.

You can also check the Freedom Plaza to see the daily cultural shows and performances.

Las Casa Filipinas de Azucar

Have a walk in the 18th Century Philippines Architecture, this beautifully reconstructed mansion for the tourist with a classic taste. You will be treated like seniority or senorita in the first class heritage house, Casa Bizantina. You can also have a ride in a horse through these postcard-perfect edifices. Do not forget to visit the Dambana ng Kagitingan, The Death of March Marker, or the centuries-old St. Joseph Cathedral.

Sisiman Bay

These are incredible Instagram shots for you to have because of its rock formations located in the region of Bataan Peninsula-Sisiman Bay. Not only the rock formations but also the lighthouse and pebble beach. The majestic and amazing natural charm will leave you to think of beautiful sights.

Mount Samat

The most impressive historic landmarks in Bataan, it is a tribute to the valor of the American and Filipino soldiers who fought bravely to the valiant Japanese during the Second World War. The 92-meter high cross and paying homage to the fallen warriors, a visit in this place will give you historic panorama of Corregidor and Bataan. Where you can also learn the province’s worthy history.

Westnuk Beach Resort

Have a dip in the crystalized Bataan waters in the Westnuk Beach Resort. This is a perfect place to have stay before heading back home. Enjoy the scenic and gigantic views of mountains and seas located in the way. You will be surrounded by unspoiled natural beauty. You can relax away from the noise and crowds since this place less tourist visits the beach. There is also volleyball and facilities for active bodies.

El Paradiso
This will provide the amazing place to stroll along the beaches or take some photos of the beautiful views of the mountains. You will also have mouth watering for the servings of local flavors from the El Paradiso Bed and Breakfast managed by the Schmidt. The meals are affordable and accommodations.

Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga, Balanga City
The place is located in the heart of the city, the plaza comes to life especially during the night, with breath-taking lights and dancing fountains. You can also have a prenuptial photo shoot before the wedding with its twenty-first-century elements.

Dunsulan Falls
Just right at the back of Mt. Samat the falls is located and is ready for an adventure pack and have a short walk from the last treetop course. You can have a quick dip in the falls and it is around five meters high.
Bataan is a great place to visit. The destination that is very rich in the history of the country like the Second World War, then this the perfect place for you. Bataan has a lot of things to see the churches, beaches, waterfalls or even venues for events and other vacation desires.

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