Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

8 Gift Ideas for Wine Connoisseurs

Pair of wine glasses in a restaurant setting.

People who wonder whether a glass is half-empty or full miss one very important thing. The glass can be bumped again. You can buy a unique Chardonnay of the year 1925 from some little Italian winery, but what is the point, if you cannot estimate it in the right way. For those who want to not just enjoy the taste but to understand it, – a selection of gifts, which can teach to be good at wine branch.
Wine tour across Tuscany

Pizza, pasta, little home wineries and grapevine fields stretching far away. This is all about Toscana, truly wine region in Italy, which is not to read about, but for going there! You can just buy a ticket but you can always simply join the tour.
Tasting cards
Wine is determined by comparing it to one`s likes! Moreover, the most right and pleasant way to learn it is to give out tastes repeatedly, revealing a taste of wine and featuring this or that sort. Special tasting cards are helpful.
«Wine graphics» poster

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Riesling – it is so easy to get confused in all these names and sorts of grape variety! That is not to mention decanters, corks, professional corkscrews and wine glasses. A paper poster «Wine graphics» is perfect for those people whom just about to immerse themselves in the culture of wine.
Wine schooling

It is not about talent only to be a wine critic but also an occupation, which is quite easy to obtain. You are going to learn to estimate the three key components of the drinks at wine courses: colour, aroma and taste. After three months of learning, you are going to have a qualified diploma of a wine expert or a caviste.
«Wine. Practice guide» Book

No, it is not an ordinary paper book, which is going to lie on the shelf. It is alive truly practice wine guide, which combines visual aspects and plainness of style. Clearly and without the pink jabber, it will tell about the basics.

Aroma set

If so try a little harder, you may feel not smells of fruits and species only in wine but also, for example, leather, benzene, wood dust. It is as important for a wine expert to be familiar with smells as with tastes and for them especially special essences with wine aromas were designed.

Kitchen vinyl sticker

Original vinyl stickers have so many advantages: low price, interesting themes, resistibility and sustainability. And most importantly, they do not harm walls at all, they do not leave any traces getting unstuck.
Cheese set

What goes best of all with a good bottle of wine? Of course a slice of parmesan or Dor Blue! Wine and cheese are integral parts, which is why it is highly recommended to add a Milky Way Minor cheese knife set to your Cutlery Pack.

And more

Bottle cooling basket

Have you seen how a wine is served in elite restaurants? It is made not for the sake of beauty only, but with a practical purpose for your drink to stay cold and did not lose its qualities.
Wine name set

Wine is a noble drink, which is to be drunk beautifully! Stylish, original and cosy accessories will help to uncork a bottle of wine accurately and elegantly. Create a personal wine set and make it a gift for a wine connoisseur.
Wine fridge

A wine fridge or a wine chiller is a special camera supporting the level of light, temperature and humidity for keeping wine. It can be used for precooling drinks before serving and for longterm storage.
Wine cork penny bank

Keep calm and drink wine. From now on, this phrase is going to become favourite in the house because it will be accompanied by a favourite sound of an uncorked bottle. Keep wine corks, add them into a penny bank and see how your love for wine decorates your home interior.

Bottle pedestal

Of course, it is better to keep bottles in a bottle rack of one`s own or a wine fridge. However, if your collection is not that big, a bottle pedestal will do. Its interesting shape contains 6 bottles in the horizontal.

Home mini-bar

What kind of a wine connoisseur are you if you do not have a mini-bar? A little bottle and glass carrier will become an excellent element of home or office interior, and a set of wine glasses just asks to gather people for a party.
Vignar aerator and vacuum cork

Just like any other product, the wine has its expire date: after a bottle is uncorked, it is recommended to finish it during 24 hours. If you like to prolong the pleasure for several days, get a vacuum cork: with the help of a fixed stopping, it evacuates air from the bottle.
VacuVin aerator header

If there is the Old World Bordeaux on the table, but no time for full racking, you can use aerator header. It is to put on the neck of the bottle and reduces the wine to run off a glass, making it to where intensively fill with oxygen and open its taste to the extent.
Wine thermometer

It is very important to make sure the temperature is right at wine service: oftentimes producers up to what temperature note it to be served. Accuracy up to one degree will help it to open up and give you the maximum of taste and aroma. Thermometer bracelet from VacuVin will allow holding control over the situation.

Stoppers set

What do you do with a begin but unfinished bottle? You can try to cork it with a manufacturing cork but it is difficult (a cork swells up and becomes bigger in size), and bad for wine, small pieces of wood can get into the drink. This is what stoppers were made for, it is an artificial cork.

  1. Geminis electric corkscrew

Who opens wine on a regular basis knows is most likely to have a story how a bad corkscrew ruins the wood cork of wine ruining a drink. There is an electric corkscrew for such cases and for more beauty. There is one button only to manage the device.
Wine glasses
When it comes to a good wine, it is silly to neglect such a responsible procedure as a selection of a wine glass. Its glass and shape affect a taste, balance, bouquet and afterglow. Try to taste wine from professional glasses for a few times.

A decanter

The wine went through many production stages and was kept for many months (or even years) before it appeared at your table. Now we need to help it to open all its properties. In order to show all the tints and aromas of red wines, a decanter is needed, which is a special flagon.

A set for making wine at home

Who out of wine connoisseurs did not dream a dream to become an owner of a winery? You can start to make your dream come true with a small home station. Winemaking set is designed for making wine out of fresh grapes or raisins of high quality and includes all the necessary devices.
Blue wine
The best way to take the heat out of the situation and to ferment everyone is to open a bottle of not red or white wine but blue. It is perfect for photos on Instagram but they say that it tastes good too: sweet wine with a touch of rose and apricot.
Dandelion wine

Yes-yes, in the flesh — that very wine from an eponymously named book written by Ray Bradbury. A little sun in the bottle, which is a moment will carry you over childhood on a bright-yellow field of dandelions. All the flowers are picked up and collected manually so the wine is released very limitedly.
The Old World set

The Old World wines are considered to be classic among wine experts — they are difficult, many-sided, with a wide bouquet of tastes and aromas. There are three wines from three countries in front of your eyes (France, Italy and Spain), which are rated highly by wine experts. In order to emphasize statuses and luxury.

«Educational Red» set

The name speaks for itself. This set of red wines was created for getting familiar with wine. There are 6 bottles in the set, each out of which represents its country-region: Spain, Austria, Portugal, RSA, Italy and Australia.

«Wine not?» T-shirt

Indeed, Why (wine?) not? Why not have another glass of wine?

“A glass of wine” brooch

A bright brooch, which will go well with both a rucksack and a suit. You look and see that it is an oenophile in front of you.

A T-shirt for a wine lover

«Wine becomes better with years. I become better with wine». Whether it is true or false – decide for yourself, but such a T-shirt is going to look perfect on a female`s body.

  1. “A bottle. An osier. A corkscrew” pendant
    A little vintage pendant, which fits any style. It includes three key wine emblems at once: an osier, a bottle of wine and a corkscrew. 100% handmade, so it is made with love. To you and wine!
    Socks for a wine lover

«If you can read this, please bring me wine». A warm pair of socks with funny words will warm up even in cold weather, and wine (which someone will bring you for sure) will warm your soul just as well.

  1. iPhone case

A transparent case for her will not only protect your smartphone but also draw attention: there is 3D-form of a wine glass hidden inside, with a special liquid to overflow. Improvised wine moves depending on where you sway the phone.

Silver pendant
Another handmade pendant made of silver by a handywoman from Cape Town. A special construction imitates the wine being poured into a glass, which looks very flourish and extravagant.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a blogger without a blog. She has been freelancing for quite some time currently working for resumeperk com. She loves wine. Red wine especially and considers herself a wine expert, which is why she knows everything about wine and knows what wine to suggest as a gift for another wine connoisseur.