8 Essential Features of Travel App

8 Essential Features of Travel App

Nowadays all industries are benefitting from mobile apps but travel and tourism industry is one that is currently leveraging the most. In-app bookings, MakeMyTrip, Yatra.com, TripAdviso are the few examples are among them as well as coming up with more and more surprises on their mobile apps. But, can you practice all of them same.

Here, we list down the top ten features that are necessary for a super functional, user-friendly and popular travel mobile application for any travel agency. Let’s check them out in the following.

  1. Emergency numbers: Once if you comes of use during emergency situations then your app must be truly functional. At any unknown location the Travelers may require to contact at emergency numbers. So you have to make sure to keep the option of the emergency phone numbers according to the location at travel app.
  1. Weather Forecaster:Whenever you planning a trip then to consider the Weather conditions is prime foremost conditions. During generating itinerary, the travel app must offers the weather forecast of this area where traveler has to move.
  1. Location tracking facility: The travelers can easily find nearby hotels, restaurants, tourist hotspots, famous shops and more with the help of geographical location tracking service. So if travel app doesn’t offer GPS based location services then it will not a travel app in the strictest sense.
  1. Social media integration:We all love to share our fun and not-so-fun experiences as we live in this age of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Given the option at app where users has the ability to share the lovely images and memorable experiences of their trips as well as to exchange their views with their friends on the social media. 
  1. Traveler reviews: In order to increases the trust factor and enhances customer loyalty you have to make sure that your app  a review section where users can post and share their thoughts and views according to their trips and rate hotels, restaurants, cafes and local attractions. 
  1. Language translation service:Nobody can never the master of multiple foreign languages. it seems a little bit hard, impossible, boring and difficult to learn the language of the place to be visited. So, is there any way that your app could help your customers in a travel destination with the language barrier? The best way is to include language translator in your app. Your app must provide ease to user with translate visual text and voice speech easily.
  1. Currency conversion service: It must be your prime foremost aim that your travel app for knowing the exact currency exchange rates without to suppose users look beyond to get such information. In nutshell, you should not leave this feature out of your product if your aim is to offer a complete travel app.
  1. Itinerary creator: Based on the travel destination and duration of the trip (start date and end date) the travel app is an instant hit when it offers a comprehensive itinerary plan. Take the example from TripIt app which is immensely popular amongst travelers for this excellent feature. Your users must have the ability to get a complete travel itinerary on your app, in addition of the feature of viewing the itinerary offline.

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