In a general view, health refers to a person’s state of mental and physical well being and nonappearance or existence of any type of illness or disease. Persons having good health are very much blessed, because the absence of healthy body and mind will leads to an inactive life. A person with good health can work properly. One can see that a person with sound mind in a healthy body is utmost important to nurture health. Otherwise, he or she cannot get indulged in daily routine works and function properly in real time contexts. Without having a healthy body, it is difficult to perform one’s duties in a perfect manner. To be specific, one can enjoy one’s life when one stays healthy. So health has an important role in our life. There are many ways to maintain good health, and some of them are mentioning and discussed below.

Prefer healthy diet:

Balancing healthy diet is an important thing to maintain good health. There is a need to avoid high fat content diets. For good health there is a need of nutrients. To get all nutrients it is essential to prefer balanced diet. Balanced diet include veggies, fruits, dairy, meat, grains, egg etc., pure vegetarians can include dairy products, cereals and protein rich food instead of meat. By balancing healthy diet we can gain healthy brain, healthy heart and better immune system. Having variety food also helps to ensure variety of vitamins. Avoiding deep fried foods including junk foods helps to maintain healthy heart. Adding fruits helps to maintain water content and fiber to in the body. It also helps to digest food easily. Unhealthy food also leads to wait gain.

Sleep well:

Sleep is a vital thing to maintain good health. The children should get 9 hour sleep and adults need 7-8 hours sleep. A good sleep helps to improve the productivity of a human being. It helps the people to work more energetically and it also improves the mental health also. There are several changes happen in our body while we sleep. Sleep will help the heart to recharge for the next day and also helps to heal damaged cells. In the busy world most of us do not get proper sleep. If we didn’t get enough sleep, we feel drowsy in the morning. It will affect our work and there is a chance for memory loss and there is a need to take great effort for making decision. There are many metabolic changes happen in our body while we sleep. If we didn’t sleep well it affects our body.

Maintain hygiene:

It is important for a person to pay attention towards hygiene. Maintaining hygiene is a way to good health. Taking bath two times a day is a proper way to preserve hygiene. Contact with several peoples in a day can cause getting disease easily. So it is essential to take bath to avoid diseases. It is also important to wash hands before having food. Because there is a presence of several bacteria in our hand if we didn’t wash hands we take bacteria into the body with the food items. It leads to diseases like diarrhea, vomiting etc. It is essential to brush the teeth and tongue twice daily to fight with harmful bacteria.

Ensure exercise:

Warming up exercises performed in early mornings help to improve our performance on that day. By performing exercise it helps to get rid of the unwanted calories. Unwanted calories in our body will leads to weight gain. By doing exercise it helps to maintain balanced weight. Exercise like jogging helps to the efficiency of cardio vascular system. Exercise also helps to improve mental health. It eliminates unwanted stress from our mind. Yoga is an excellent way to improve mental health. Stretching and breathing exercise helps to intake high level of air flow into our body. It maintains the normal level of oxygen in our blood. The normal level of oxygen in the blood is very essential for the functioning of brain.

Intake plenty of water:

Water is considered as the life of all living things. It is essential to drink plenty of water especially in summer season. Normally a person needs to take minimum 2 liters of water per day. It is important to take plenty of water to maintain good health. It helps to wash out metabolic waste. It is important ensure the purity of water. Drinking unpurified water like tape water will cause the diseases like jaundice. Drinking enough water will helps to improve the functioning of renal activity. The lower amount of water content in the body leads to the presence of urinary infection. The occurrence of urinary infection indicates the functioning of kidney is alarming.

Make strong relationships:

Strong relationship is one of the best ways to keep healthy mind. Through socializing the mind will be relaxed. Having strong relationships helps to share your mental thoughts with others. It will help to relax the mind and the body. By disclosing the fear and anxiety to others helps to maintain mental health. It is important to make time to spend with the friends. If your friends are not living close to you, make time to call them or chat with them once in a week. Shopping or watching cinema with your friends can make you relaxed and calm.

Avoid toxins:

To avoid entering toxins into the body is a primary thing to keep healthy body. There are several things which are really toxic to our body which include cigarettes, certain drugs; alcohol etc. But the use of tobacco products, alcohol, and drugs leads to weaker mind and body. The use of tobacco causes lung cancer, mouth cancer etc. The use of abusive drugs makes unbalanced mind. It makes a long lasting impact on human being. It causes cardiovascular diseases, neurological effect etc. If we need a good mental and physical health we need to avoid the use of these toxic products.

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