Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

5 Top Best Places For All-Year Round Vacation 2019

Stay In Holiday Mood All Year Round

Description: Recreation throughout the year, what is it? A dream, a fairy tale or a real opportunity to go on an unforgettable journey any season? In this article we present the description of the 5 best holiday destinations on the planet.

If you got tired of everyday routine, it looks like it’s time to go somewhere to spend your vacation. Fortunately, there are many places where the sun shines all year round, tropical fruits are growing on trees, and snow is seen only on pictures. We have collected the top 5 list of the places that you can attend all year round!

Egypt. The homeland of Pharaohs is famous for its pyramids, temples, Great Sphinx, Museum of Antiquities. Divers are being stricken by the beauty of the underwater world of the Red Sea with coral reef. Fishermen will never forget their fabulous catch of fish, extremes will enjoy jeep safari, and lovers of local exotics will be fascinated by the dinner with the Bedouins.

Cuba. Liberty Island is associated with incendiary Latin American dances, the old harbor, the Hemingway’s house-museum, unique nature parks, the real Cuban coffee, rum and cigars. Here is the great beach and a real paradise for divers thanks to the variety of underwater flora and fauna of the Caribbean. The lovers of exotic culinary should try turtle eggs and crocodile meat.

Morocco. Tourists come here for the African and Arabian exoticism, for the golden beaches and the azure Mediterranean Sea, the great Sahara desert and the ski resorts. Thanks to mosques, the palaces of the rich nobility, luxury dresses, chic gardens and parks with lakes, orange groves, Europeans begin to think that they are in a fairy tale of Scheherazade. What is missing is the lamp of Aladdin with motley bazaar. Morocco is a very calm country. Local police protects the calmness of travelers.

Thailand. There are hundreds of colorful temples, each with its Buddha. They are surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and bright colors. This is a perfect place for meditation, relaxation, healing, and, on the contrary, outdoor activities: white water rafting, diving, jeep safari, trekking in the jungle, entertainment centers. Curious tourists can visit farms on the cultivation of crocodiles, pearl, or orchids. If you prefer quiet and measured rest, the resorts and prices in Thailand will surprise you. Be sure to visit the island of Samui. Only in this place the concerns and problems recede into the background and you can truly relax and gather strength for future accomplishments.

Indonesia. There are many leisure options: diving, sea fishing, tours to the ancient temples, beach holidays, night clubs and entertainment in the exciting journey through virgin forests or the visiting of Krakatoa volcano. In Indonesia, you can see the tribe “bounty hunters”, which lives under the laws of the Stone Age, as well as the bull race or competition on jumps over two-meter stone column. The largest and most famous Indonesian island – Borneo, Sumatra, Java, and West New Guinea. Considering that Indonesia is a multinational country and consists of a large number of territorial entities, each island is interesting and unique in its own way.

Each of these places of interest is exotic, unususal and exciting. Choose the one that suits the most!

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