Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

4 Tried and Tested Teeth Whitening Procedures for You to Consider

A recent study conducted in London says teeth discolouration is a concern for a large number of people. If you too have the same problem, just don’t lose your cool. Rather, go through the following paragraphs where an expert from a premium teeth whitening clinic in London shares effective tips to resolve the problem. The tips also cover the issue of how to improve your smile to make it appear more attractive.

But first, you must know the factors that make your teeth discoloured.

Most common causes of teeth discolouration

The two most common causes behind teeth stain are:

  1. Excessive indulgence in tea, coffee, red wine and certain fruits allow the enamel pick up stains.
  2. In advanced age, the outermost tooth covering or enamel becomes thinner and develops micro cracks, revealing the slightly yellowish inner dentin layer.

Professional teeth whitening to get rid of stains

Professional teeth whitening is the best way to overcome the problem of discoloured teeth. The procedure involves exposing the teeth to chemicals with mild bleaching property to remove the stains. However, many people prefer over-the-counter teeth whitening kits, which allow to remove the unsightly stains at home without visiting a dental practice. When a qualified dentist supervises the procedure, you’re definitely in greater safety and the results are obviosuly more up to the expectation. Moreover, there’re certain stains that go away only on professional intervention.

Different teeth whitening options in the modern times

These days, there are various options to whiten the teeth. Some of these include the following:

  1. In-chair whitening procedure: This is done by a dentist using modern technology like the Zoom. It is not only safe and effective but can also deliver results very fast – unlike the traditional procedures. The procedure requires just one sitting or session and the result can easily linger beyond 6 months and up to a year. However, your teeth may become a little sensitive after this particular teeth whitening treatment. But this problem gets automatically resolved in a day or two as and when the pores of the teeth get closed up again. In order to minimise the sensitivity, use a sensodyne toothpaste two weeks before undergoing the procedure. As mentioned earlier, you may require touch-up treatments to maintain the lightened shade of the teeth after the in-chair whitening procedure.
  1. Tray whitening: This is a take-home whitening procedure under the supervision of your dentist. In this procedure, you’ve to wear a tray for a certain amount of time as prescribed by your dentist. The tray is usually worn at night to facilitate patients’ convenience. In order to get this treatment, first you have to visit your dentist. The dentist will take an impression of your mouth to custom-make your tray. Then, you take the tray and the special whitening gel home. The tray holds the whitening gel and you slip the tray into your mouth for the specific amount of time. The procedure continues anywhere between 7 days and 3 weeks, as decided by the dentist. Unlike the Zoom treatment, this takes a little longer time but provides a more controlled and gradual change in the colour of your teeth.
  1. Whitening strips: These strips are very thin slices of flexible plastic coated with peroxide. You get this item in scores across supermarkets and pharmacies. Once they are used, the strips have to be disposed. Attach a strip to the front surface of the teeth and leave them for half an hour. Follow this ritual for 2 weeks to get the desired results. Whitening effect from whitening strips lasts nearly 4 months. However, Dr. Siavash Mirfendereski – a renowned teeth whitening dentist in London – cautions this is a complete DIY treatment in absence of any professional supervision.
  1. Whitening toothpastes: These are special toothpastes that help rebuild enamel in your teeth. Ask your dentist to prescribe you with one such product. You’ve to brush the teeth with it consistently for a considerable amount of time to get the desired results.

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