The transformative nature of lighting makes it essential to enhancing the overall experience of your venue and the particular event you’re hosting.

No matter the theme or focus of your event, lighting design plays a crucial role in the overall atmosphere. The right type of lighting adds as much to the experience as the DJ or venue layout.

Lighting is one of the most effective ways to leave a memorable impression on your guests.

Lighting does more than simply shine a light on the stage or dancfloor. It can be utilized as a way to engage and welcome the guests; it creates ambiance, makes the event feel more high profile, and even sets the desired mood for the party ahead.

With new technology advancing the platform of venue lighting, your lighting experience can be customized to tailored color schemes and brightness levels that match the overall theme and environment of your venue.

The importance of your venue’s lighting should not be dimmed down. With that in mind, here are 3 high-tech lighting trends that will ensure the success of your events and keep your venue in the tops minds of thrill-seeking partiers.

  1. LED lighting

While Light Emitting Diodes (LED) is a relatively old technology, their refinement in recent years has brought them back to the forefront of high-tech lighting trends.

The rise of LEDs has reinvigorated their use and practice, creating new technological advancements. Inventor of the blue LED and Noble Prize winner Shuji Nakamura has recently moved towards violet LEDs.

What this means for your venue is that LED lighting now renders colors better and with greater efficiency.

It also makes for longer-lasting and more efficient light sources, that perfectly mimic different aspects of the color spectrum, including natural light. This means that even the most budget-constrained venues have access to a rainbow of options, adding dramatic effect to any event.

  1. Projection mapping

Venues that don’t fully engage the audience with efficacious dance floor design, primarily through audiovisual equipment, tantamounts to a disappointing event experience. It can even result in guests leaving or giving poor word of mouth reviews.

With digital technology creating a conceptual shift in lighting, graphic elements can deliver a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. And one of the latest tools in lighting to deliver this engaging graphic element is projection mapping.

In short, projection mapping transforms any object into a screen. Projection mapping can be directed to any surface and project without any distortion. Motion graphics, 3D, animation, and lighting all combine to manipulate an object’s textual surface area and recontextualize it to bring imagery to life.

Product launches and major events have been creatively transformed with projection mapping. But how does this translate to your occasion? Projection mapping offers a wide range of opportunities, namely the opportunity to dynamically project either yours or your sponsor’s branding.

Projection mapping eliminates static banners for your brand, creating animated statement pieces throughout zonal areas of your venue where they can have the most impact. Projection mapping can create a branded statement piece on entrances or as part of different rooms’ architecture if you have VIP cordoned sections.

  1. Light art

GOBO stands for “Go Between Optics” but it’s perhaps best known as a small stenciled circular disc that light is projected through to create a specific image or pattern.

Gobo has been around for a relative period of time, but even though they pre-date LEDs, they were predominantly used for elite theatres and concerts due to their large, unyielding, and expensive nature. Being slightly out of reach for the masses meant Gobo’s lighting features went underutilized for a long period of time.

Nowadays, Gobo’s accessibility has transformed this graphic element from a mere light fixture into a creative driving force. In fact, as technology has advanced for more intricate and detailed shapes to be created, Gobos have become a must for a sponsored event.

Gobo’s ability to be crafted into a variety of shapes and designs creates opportunities for illusionary visual interests. As an effective alternative to static banners or signage, gobos can be used to support the theme of the event or even present something visually different to engage the audience.

Venue lighting isn’t just about light anymore. It is a medium that brings atmosphere to life. It transform uniform clubbing venues into visually appealing environments of thrilling digital interactivity and guest participation.

To turn various events into an extraordinary parties, put the spotlight on light design.



Rami Haber is the Managing Partner of Pro Lab Trading LLC. With a BA in electronics, Mr. Haber specializes in Audio Visuals & Lighting, with more than 15 years of experience in leading large-scale projects in the Middle East.

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