It’s obvious that you’ve chosen BMW over other vehicles due to the powerful driving mechanism, advance engineering, quality and class. For years, vehicles from BMW are known for a perfect blend of luxury and performance giving the best outcome of the investment which is why maintenance and check-ups are extremely important. Read on to find out more about BMW service in Dubai!

Elements of BMW service & check-up

When scheduling your BMW service, a detailed inspection of your vehicle would be performed by skilled and licensed mechanics thereby ensuring that all the internal and external functions are performing at their optimum.

These mechanics are well-trained engineers that your car actually deserves whereas all the vehicle diagnostics are performed by computer software. Integrity of the vehicle is thus protected which extends performance of the BMW and save you from untimely and unexpected repairs.

With BMW service in Dubai, here’re some elements that are closely checked;

  • Engine oil

  • Steering

  • Brakes

  • Airbags and wipers

  • Computer diagnostics

Note that services may vary from a region to another so better contact the maintenance centre before scheduling for the upkeep.

Benefits of regular service

Regular service would ensure your vehicle runs safely and efficiently all the way. Since investing in BMW means you crave for a luxury drive, regular service just ensures this aspect is achieved!

  1. Cost-effective

Major repairs can be avoided with regular service and maintenance of your BMW. Since close monitoring and diagnostics are performed by expert mechanics, the vehicle’s likely to operate smoothly and perfect in the long run. Fixing smaller issues means you’re actually saving a lot of money that would’ve incurred in case repair or damage was bigger.

There’re however times when avoiding the problem is impossible such as repairs that arise due to general wear and tear of the vehicle. Experts can at-least prepare you from imminent restoration before they pose a real threat or raises an alarming situation. If you’re unsure as when to go for BMW service in Dubai, here’re a few helpful things worth considering;

  • Sensors mounted on the vehicle constantly monitor status of every individual part, vehicle fluids and the usual wear.

  • Date of the next scheduled maintenance check-up is automatically displayed on the dashboard’s InfoDisplay if your model has one or else your service centre would share the date in written.

  • Service data is automatically communicated to the BMW service centre via TeleServices.

  1. Regular service keep the vehicle running efficiently

The BMW is surely designed with maximum gas efficiency and exceptional horsepower and to keep these and almost every other thing operating at their maximum. Remaining internal elements of the vehicle must operate efficiently and always! By having the BMW serviced regularly, all the pieces remain under the hood so you can actually get the most of the luxury investment.

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