In WordPress, almost all things can easily be customized, changed, and modified. But unfortunately, there is no provision to customize the default login page for WordPress. For many WordPress users/website creators, the default login screen may look a bit dull and tedious. So, do you know how to customize the WordPress site’s login page? Why there is a need to do so?

In general, WordPress template customization options allow you to customize the WordPress login page, it helps you to personalize your site for the targeted audience & give it a cohesive look and feel. It also helps in consistent branding of your company, improving user experience, navigation, and security. Whether you create WordPress sites for your personal needs or for clients, customizing the WordPress login page helps you in many ways.

So, are you interested in creating a unique login page on your WordPress site? If yes, then have a look at these 5 WordPress plugins. You can play around and test them to find a suitable option and create an appealing login page for your site.

1. Customize WordPress Login Page

With the help of this plugin, you can easily customize the login page of your WordPress site the way you want. It comes with lots of settings and options, allowing you to add social media icon on the form, change the login form position, login form font size, login form color, background slideshow, background image, background color, etc.

The background slideshow option is one of the best features of this plugin. Furthermore, cool features such as, Add social icons to link your social profiles, Google font, responsive design, slideshow animation etc, allows you to add more beauty to your site. Using all these options, you can create attractive and appealing login page for your WordPress site.

2. Social Login

For hardcore WordPress users, using login ID and password to access the site’s admin area may seem like an irritating work if they handle different WordPress sites. It’s very difficult to remember the login details of different websites. This is where the Social Login plugin works as a helping hand.

When you install it on your WordPress site, it allows you to login, register, and comment on your site via their personal social networking accounts. It gives you 30+ social login options. Even visitors can register on your site using different social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram. The plugin is packed with several features and functionalities. It also protects your site from hackers and cybercriminals as all users are asked to use their social media websites to complete the registration process on the site.7

3. Google Apps Login

Website security matters a lot for all entrepreneurs whose bread and butter comes from the web-based business. WordPress websites are frequently targeted by cybercriminals and hackers. With the help of this plugin, you can easily create a beautiful and secure login page for your WordPress site.

Once you activate the plugin, you are asked to login your site via their Gmail account. First of all, you need to authenticate the account and prove your identity to access the site’s admin area (just like two-factor authentication). It adds an additional security layer to your website and ensures that only authorized employees can access to your website. If you use the premium version of the plugin, it abolishes the need of having a Google Apps domain. You can manage your WordPress user account separately.

4. Erident Custom Login and Dashboard

A good number of Non-coders run WordPress sites and earn decent revenues from the web-based business. But, due to the lack of the knowledge of different programming languages, they find it extremely difficult to make changes to their sites. Don’t get worried at all if you are a non-coder.

Just install this plugin on your WordPress site. It allows you to customize your login page and admin dashboard without editing any code. This plugin helps you to edit or change the design structure of your login page, background color, logo, typography, etc. You can easily improve the overall look and feel of your site’s login page by adding opacity to the form and hyperlink to the logo. Furthermore, customizing the footer text on the admin dashboard seems like an easy job. The import/export setting of the plugin helps you to manage multiple WordPress sites easily and comfortably.

5. Temporary Login Without Password

When you run multiple WordPress sites keeping the business purpose in mind, it’s very difficult for you or your staff to enter the Email Id and password for each site and perform the desired action. Are you fed up with it? Want an easy way to log in your site? If yes, then use this plugin. It allows you to create self-expiring and automatic login links for your WordPress site and access it easily without using the login details. Based on your specific needs, you can set an expiry date or time for the temporary login. You can erase that manually too at any time.

Final Words:

Branding your site’s login screen helps in many ways. With these 5 WordPress plugins, you can customize your site’s login page and make it visually appealing & attractive.

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