Top 10 Technologies Of The Year 2017: Machine Intelligence, Smart Things And Machine Learning

The future in the year 2017 will be determined by machine intelligence, smart things, virtual reality, advanced technological platforms for business. This is a conclusion experts of Gartner Research Company jumped to at ITxpo-2016, which took place in Orlando.

In Gartner Research Company vice president`s David Cearley, 10 announced strategic trends, which will prepare a base for intellectual digital network. All the technologies include best practices of machine learning and development of machine intelligence and transfusion of out world and digital one.

  1. Machine intelligence and learning

Researches will pay attention to natural language and neural networks processing in 2017. Deep neural networks will move beyond classical calculations and will serve to create systems, which are able to investigate world around us on their own. They will help to optimize tasks and solve problems connected with “information about everything” trend.

Advanced algorithms make it to where simply smart machines become intellectual, from driverless cars to virtual helpers.

Gartner experts give the following piece of advice to organizations how they can use these technologies in order to be competitive.

  1. Intelligent applications

Those can be programs, which help humans in daily routine, in the likeness of smart sorter operator of email communication. As an alternative, other virtual helpers like those, which include business oriented just as well. Gartner experts inform that majority of the world`s biggest companies will start using intelligent applications by the year 2018 in order to make the quality of customer service better.

  1. Smart” things

Already known devices are included in this list such as drones, driverless cars and 3D printers. Also, we talk about gadgets of the future intellectually interacting with human beings. So called Internet of Things will be created. Those can be sensors in the business environment, “smart” prostheses and chips in medicine, providing with safety of children and many more.

  1. Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual and augmented reality technologies are already widely used. Virtual reality works well in unique experience exchange between other people and is used for distance learning. Augmented reality will help organizations to put graphics onto objects free running, which will improve process of production naturally.

  1. Digital “twins”

This is how a dynamic model of a physical thing or environment is called based on sensing devices. This technology is going to be used in different spheres for modeling, analysis and control. A digital “twin” in production will help to find weak spots of real system for repairing works. In accordance to experts` estimation during in the nearest 3-5 years thousands of millions things will have digital twins.

  1. Blockchain

Dispersed data chain is another name for this technology. It exists as a base containing in all transactions provided by the system participants. The information is kept as a chain of blocks each of which contains a certain number of transactions. Blockchain`s possibilities do not go beyond cryptocurrency. Technology is able to optimize huge registers of governments and organizations, structures a large quantities of data, provide with any actions transparency. Also, technology can help small and big businesses: increase effectiveness, reduce the staff and to cut down on hard-copy paperwork.

  1. Dialogue systems

Gartner experts believe that a dynamic system between people, services, things and processes is going to be created. It will be able to support intellectual digital ecosystems. In point of fact, it is a new digital experience of interaction between people and devices. Soon, search systems, online services and different programs will be able to accept and correctly process any voice commands.

  1. Digital technological platforms

Every company is going to be working with combination of five digital technological platforms: information systems, working experience with customers, analytics and forecasting, Internet of Things and business ecosystems. In particular, new platforms and services for Internet of Things development, dialogue systems will become one of the key directions up to the year 2020. So, companies are to decide how they are going to develop platforms to solve digital business tasks.

  1. Mechanism of applications and services

Technologies are everywhere, interaction between a human being and a digital world is becoming a continuous processes. It happens due to global distribution of Internet, connecting to it all the rest of devices and their synchronization. The simplest example is a “smart” house. Such an interaction of technologies will allow to use all the objects optimally all the components of global IT-net (smartphone, notebook, car, TV-set).

  1. Adaptive safety architecture

With increase of hacker attack number, companies are to think about digital safety. Soon enough, multilevel security will become an important demand for every company. In experts` opinion, leaders in the sphere of IT should concentrate on finding and removal of dangers. This is a situation when a Blockchain technology might be in handy. The thing is that using it, identification of a human being, control and check up of validity take little time. Besides, Blockchain guarantees an absolute accuracy.


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